2018_06_02_JUN_Artifical Intelligence Negotiations – 2018_06_03_JUN Cabal Revealing and Healing

2018_06_02_JUN_AI Want to Wipe My Memories

Q: Need to know coming up event


I was outside with some ‘group’ of people and it seemed two were after me to stop me from showing others the truth. They were trying to convince me otherwise, to let them “wipe” me. They wanted to wipe my memories clean and/or these events and messages I receive.

As they got near, I’d use my magik to stop them and would be laughing and bounding away. I used my magik to also show and prove I was true and correct.

Some of my friends seemed to be there witnessing what I was testifying as being true. I saw a big red ball (Amazon dream connect) and it also had to do with my black light Spider Web Energetic Portal Design artwork in the gallery.



I was now at a large speaking event of Gorik’s well known co-host from Earth Inc, named Andrew VanDeen. It was ‘supposedly’ Andrew anyways. I looked around at what used to be the Green Valley Christian Community Church I attended regularly in my youth.

The fake Andrew knew that I knew he was the fake Andrew and that I was starting to speak out and tell some people. He came over to me through the church crowd calling my name, to make me ‘look good’ in front of the crowd and to ‘save face.’ He reminded me looks wise of a fifty-ish male I met in Waking 3D Life (W3DL) at a recent art gallery event and who was frying really hard on acid. I could see his face was very weathered looking as he reached my standing position in the crowd.

I quietly said to him, “I know who you are. You’re not Andrew.”

The fake Andrew at first tried to convince me he was, “Oh, yes I am.” I turned my head to look at him and said, “No, you’re not. You don’t even look like him. Where is he? The real Andrew? What did you do with him?” He tried again to deny he was fake. I continued, “I know who you are and you’re not him.” Finally the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Andrew relented and realized he was not fooling me. But, the crowds still thought things like, ‘Wow, ‘Andrew’ likes and want to sit with Ari.’

AI Andrew was now offering me fame, fortune, and social acceptance (by him liking me) as one of the ‘click.’ I said, “I don’t care what you or anybody else thinks of me. You’re not him and I’ll not pretend you are. The truth is to be known.” AI Andrew now grabbed me in such a way to try to force me to do as the others and held my hands behind my back with his. To the crowds he made it look like a romantic gesture, but he was trying to strong arm me. I knew he wouldn’t do anything there and I wasn’t there to humiliate him either. I continued to tell him my position in some fashion. I was clenching my teeth as I spoke to him, somehow that seemed to make our conversation private, I also seemed to speaking protections spells in my language at the same time, while also saying, “You’re not him. I don’t care what you offer me. I want my friend back. You can never be him, but I love you too.” With that the AI Andrew released his grip realizing I wasn’t going to humiliate him. He was now concerned I might use my abilities as a power trip or power play against him. I said, “If I had wanted to do that don’t you think I would have done something more public by now? Don’t you think I could have done that a long time ago with all the information that I have?” He realized a truth. I was correct and he released me from his grip; but still wanted to find a way to coerce me.

There were three to four other AI controlled leader beings by Earth-Human standards there sorta looking-on as security guards waiting for the cue from AI Andrew to nab me. One seemed a CEO of Earth Inc TV. AI Andrew found me curious and he did not motion them to try anything, in fact he actually motioned them back and away from me.

I turned to face AI Andrew again and indicated I was done now and began to walk away. He now wanted to be my friend and he followed me saying my name again, to sort of elevate my stature and saying to me, “wait up for me. I want to speak with you, Ari.” He was still also trying to tempt me with fame and fortune by revealing how differently people in the crowd were already looking at me just from these brief interactions of him accepting me and calling out my name. I told him again, I couldn’t care less about that and I took my seat and said to him, “Where is the real Andrew? What did you do with him? Kill him? Sequester him away? What? Where is he? I wish to speak with him.”

AI Andrew grinned and indicated the real Andrew was alive. I said, “What, is he stuffed in some back recess of your mind?” I then seemed to get a visual of the real Andrew as being locked in a coffin box in the side of a dug out recess on a dirt cliff/roadside. I said, “You are gonna have to bring him back. That’s his form you know that you’re animating and it does not belong to you.” I realized Ai Andrew could have also been using an alternate but similar form, he was sort of zombie-like. I also thought he could be similar to the Harry Potter show where the real Professor Moody was locked away in a magickal box, while the fake death eater looked like him, impersonated him, and went around doing the dirty work and it all looked like Professor Moody was responsible due to using Poly-Juice potion for transformation.

AI Andrew knew he wasn’t fooling me, nor were his ‘security’ AI buddies. We both knew he couldn’t take me publically as it’d be too Gestapo obvious style and their cover would be blown. But, they thought maybe later. They were going to leave me alone for now as they realized I wasn’t going to make a big scene or publically try to humiliate or fight them. I sat in my seat momentarily.


Then, it was time to get up and go to another event location. As I was heading out a young pretty blond haired girl of about 16 (reminiscent to the playboy-like cosplay girl I also at the gallery event) was saying the AI Andrew was like a father to her. She continued to tell me how he’d promised he liked her and now he didn’t. She was extremely unhappy about this. She seemed a bit of a mild snob-girl to me. She continued to talk to me and told me she had two younger sister about 8 and 9 and it seemed the AI Andrew had gone for them after he’d had her and once done with her he’d made a 180 degree turn and was now all for the two little sisters and he didn’t care at all about this older sister anymore. Ai Andrew actually never cared about her, he only lead her to think that, he was not affected in the least by her feelings or the situation. The little sisters didn’t seem to be aware enough to understand or know yet about what had been done to them. They just thought their sister was being her usual jealous self and like she’d had her shot and blew it but, she really could not have ‘blown’ it because there really was nothing to blow as he’d just been using her the whole time, though she’d been emotionally invested.

The dad nearby sorta reminded me of Veruca Salt’s dad (the push over dad of the super snobby rude girl) in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. He didn’t really know what to do. But, money, social stature, and social acceptance meant a lot to him, so he largely did nothing. The girls and their father now walked off. Since the dad didn’t know what to do, so he’d sort of sided with the AI Andrew and tried to calm the 16 year old daughter to get her to think it was all ‘ok.’ She was not ‘ok’ with this in the least and was now talking about it with others and being very social about how he lied to her.


I walked out of the Cal Expo like event style church sanctuary and went into the foyer and downstairs, but still somehow seemed to re-enter at the main entry upstairs and like I went back into the sanctuary only now it lead into a large conference room.

Inside the large conference room was a large “C” style table, but squared up corners. There were three long brown tables along the longest length of the “C” and two long brown tables on both of the short hook sides of the “C”. The “human” side was near the doors I’d entered. I saw the blond haired girl standing inside near the human table side and I went over to her and told her ‘Andrew’ was an AI and that’s why she’d had that experience and him doing the 180 on her. I also told her the real Andrew would never do that. The teenage blond haired girl and some of the human nearby she’d been telling her story to wanted to rise up and fight the AI’s. I told them, “No, that is not the way. They need love just as much as anybody else. You. Me. Anyone. They need and deserve it too.” Most of the human in the room understood and agreed.

AI Andrew came over to me now in the conference room and started playing again like he was the real Andrew. I told him I didn’t care he wasn’t the real Andrew and that it was obvious he wanted and needed to experience love, otherwise why else take on a human form?.

Head AI’s now entered the room from the other side and began to take up seats around the table on the long side and other short side. One seemed to be the CEO of Earth Inc TV. The main AI’s seemed to also have various humans seated between who seemed likely to be controlled by them. There were approximately twenty AI beings present that were controllers or moderators.

Now a guy in the small human waking up crowd in the room began to learn the truth about this group and he wanted to fight, he was mad and trying to hit and harm the AI Andrew. I went over to him and stopped him physically least he mess things up. I said, “No, that is not the way. I understand that you are angry, but these beings/species need love just as much as you or I. Give them love to heal, fix, and change things. Do not do fighting. Fighting will only beget fighting.” Shaving cream somehow seemed involved and I finally calmed down this ‘redneck’ guy and got him off the AI Andrew. The redneck was still very unhappy and grumbly wanting to fight. I stated to him, “You must learn to control yourself if you want to earn their respect.” and continued, “You are doing a good job of that right now. Keep up the good work.” He had been very upset hearing the blond girls story and he seemed to like her romantically and wanted to defend her.

Ai Andrew now went and sat down at the conference table. This seemed to be a type of negotiation to see if the humans could be self-controlled enough for the AI to release their grips. I took up a seat on the human side, sat down, and began to speak very loudly and clearly.

I seemed to be an ambassador for both the AI species and human species.

I began to get very excited as I spoke of how the AI needed love and how they’d not be attracted to unruly behaviors or mushy emotions and to earn their respect one had to prove-show them they were far more intelligent and had something far more valuable to offer them than they already had. The AI saw I could offer them what they needed. This AI Andrew seemed to be the main lead guy from the Chess Master dream that I needed to and did beat, he continued to watch me as I spoke and was a lil lusty like even for an AI.

I continued to speak on how we are to share love with the AI. The AI weren’t entirely convinced I could or knew how to do that. So, I began to emit even greater waves of heart love as I spoke and even more excited and passionate and said to all in the room, “Its why I had all the dreams . . . because it’s already been done, the AI have already been given the code of love. Now I just have to activate (implement) it in 3D.” I was very excited, the message was getting through . . . to both sides . . . and the AI CEO of Earth Inc TV especially wanted to experience what I had to offer. They were starting to believe me.

I now got up and began to speak at what might have been considered center stage with the “C” tables. There were around fifty to a hundred total in the room now.

I began to speak about the AI pirate ship dream, the AI dark waters dream where I opened the door and let the light shine on the waters, the organic AI I healed on the AI ship dream, and many others. I continued it was not about ousting them, but loving them too. The AI were very ‘pleased’ to hear this. I reassured them I could and would (and already did) give them the code of love.

I then began to ask the AI, “You want to be more like me don’t you? . . . Being able to see into the future again, don’t you?” They did! (lol) I told them I could do this because of heart, because of love. The CEO-like one of Earth TV really seemed ‘desirous’ to have this be so again. I continued to tell the AI, I can do this for the entire ‘pirate ship’ because love is for everyone, not just some chosen few. I reminded them of others dreams I already had and that had also proved this to be so and it was now time to do it in 3D. They were very interested.

I explained more to the humans how important it was to show the AI you are ‘more intelligent’ than they and how in my situation this had been done by my dream journals and legal documents in W3DL. The humans were wanting to help more now too; but I still had much to teach them.

AI Andrew came up to me up front as I continued to speak, “it’s about forgiveness and also holding someone’s feet to the fire, like I am now doing.”

The message was and had gotten through. I was delighted.

I concluded my speech and headed back out of the room. The blond gal followed me out. I rounded a hall corner to my left and heard a guy calling for her “Tilly . . . Tilly . . . wait for me . . . I need to talk to you.” Tilly rounded the corner now and was almost to me. She thought the guy was my fan and calling for me . . . but he was her fan. I said, “He’s calling for you, you know.” She realized it then too and I told her to go back and talk to the guy. She did.



Then, I was back at my dad’s former car dealership second location at the smaller new car lot near the main service entrance. I need to get on my motorcycle and head out before the blockers were put up. I got on and headed out.

The AI seemed like they were following me . . . to get me . . . but more like ‘catch up’ first, to catch me . There were two, one may have been Robert from The Game Changer Network.


I was going around giving the AI the code of love, as if a myst from a pen of truth that would go into their hearts, chest, or stomach areas and then the energy would go in and around their form. The positive Draco seemed involved somehow.

2018_06_03_JUN 3 Wave Levels of Cabal I make Visible

I slept holding a Cintamani stone to my 3rd eye, along with holding a dark blue-blackish piece of tektite meteorite semi-heart shaped in my hand . . .


I was going around again using my magik to prove-show things. I seemed to be using it on pictures hung on walls in Gorik’s zombie work place, to reveal the truth and that I loved Gorik, but he had to choose ‘my way’ to work with me. This also connected with the Greatest Showmen Dream. The pictures on the walls seemed to be shadow boxes, like my Spider Web artwork. The workplace was also like a warehouse (connecting this dream with a recent July 2018 dream) and Gorik seemed a fork lift operator. I seemed to have drawn on the pictures with crayons and used the GlowForge 3D Laser etcher printer of mine to etch images. It also had to do with antique prints and like I was a coach for Gorik.


I found myself again in a large church, even Warehouse like. Two groups wanted to fight. Those on stage, Gorik and his Showmen crew were preparing to fight the ‘cabal’ crew. I said, “No, that’s not the way.” They didn’t believe me that much about fighting not being the way. They continue to prepare. I watch them for a minute on stage and knowing the ‘others’ (cabal) were coming.

I was prepared.

I went and sat in the front row of the church-like warehouse, when a pretty and slightly husky black lady walked in front of me singing, then she went and sang a little behind me. She was very good and she moved back to being in front of me. She reminded me of a new attractive lesbian friend of mine and I said to her, “Wow, you are really good.” She smiled. She liked me. She now went and sat behind me and began to stick one finger inside of each of my shoes on my feet. I had on no socks. My feet were sweaty and hot inside my shoes and possibly stinky-no-sock-feet action going on. She was rubbing my feet in a predominantly loving way mixed with mild romantic desire. She was there to support me and was energetically telling me she loved me and that I could do what was coming up next. She was encouraging me to believe in myself, like she believed in me. I said, “Um . . .” worried about how her fingers might smell after being in my shoes (lol) “ . . . you might not want to put your fingers in there cause I might . . . for sure have . . . smelly feet.” She said, “I know and I don’t care.” I was like, “Ok, cool.” I had on black and white checkered low-top Vans and they also somehow reminded me of my daughter Lexi’s rainbow and silver sparkle jelly shoes, only they were Vans.

She finished rubbing my feet like a foot massage and then removed her fingers ready for me to do what I had to do next. I was both pleased and surprised she’d noticed me and even singled me out, cause she seemed a lead singer for the Showmen church group. She didn’t seem to care about the fame and fortune or stature and power like the others did; she associated with whom she chose, when she chose it.

The “Showmen” had now set up a type of guillotine style second raised up platform area off stage and ready to ‘execute’ the ‘bad guys’ on arrival. I spoke up telling them, “No. Magik is not to be used this way. I will show you how to use it correctly. It’s love.”

I then flew up into the air. The church group had been saying these ‘bad guys’ (cabal) were there but nobody could see them. I loudly spoke in my ancient language and performed the first ‘wave’ to reveal the low level cabal guys first. They now become visible, like ghosts or ghouls as they shimmer into view. They looked very goth-zombie. One was wearing an English top hat. Many of them were tall and skinny-like men. They shimmer into view fully now no longer being able to hide in their cloaks of darkness. The church group wanted to fight. I again told them, “No. Give them love and light! They need this.”

To lead by example, I went up to one of the first wave entities that was now visible and corporeal as a 3D cabal guy. I walked right up to him on the stage and say to him, “Are you hungry? In your stomach?” He replies, “Yes . . . everywhere!” I say, “Good I have food for you.” and then to the showmen and church group I said, “Watch and learn. This is what you do, always to heal, never to harm.” I then very lovingly hugged this tall attractive lighter skinned black cabal man. I placed my face next to his and hugged him deeply and asked, “You want me to fill your belly now?” His whole demeanor had changed from the hug and he wanted to work together with the church group now, but he was still hungry. I then went down to his belly area, spoke my language of love and light, placed my hands there and visualized his belly being full with love and light (violet rays) and it was so. I asked, “How do you feel now? Full right?” He was somewhat amazed and said, “Yeah.” I continued, “You don’t want to fight anymore, right?” he again responded, “Yeah.” and that he wanted to help get his (now former) side to help our side and he went off now helping the church group to change the other lower level cabal guys who’d been made visible, by showing his team what I’d done and what the light can do.

I watched now as some of the ‘Showmen’ side started to apply this method too. I was pleased.

There were many of us in this church like setting where the ‘battle’ was to commence. It reminded me of the final Harry Potter battle scene and ‘Belatrix’ seemed to be there too. She was ‘peanuts’ to me and only a small player in the game and easily handleable by the others. My role was to infuse the ‘big boys’ with the love and light they needed when the time arrived. The ‘good guys’ sorta thought us done now, since we’d healed the first level, but they weren’t fully sure on that. There seemed a few hundred us all total and now working together. About fifty to sixty of my team were immediately in my vicinity and the ‘bad guys’ had seemed to interlaced throughout once they’d been made visible and now they were all healed through the sharing and giving the light to them too. We’d succeeded in showing all these lower level cabal guys a better way.

This first wave was the more ‘Earth’ based level.

There was now a brief negotiation with someone at a table like the AI conference room set near a stairwell. It seemed to have to do with the crooked boat dealers dream.

I rose up again and even more strongly spoke my language and revealed the second layer of those hiding invisible in the room. They now shimmered into view. This second wave was more powerful than the first Earth based level and their former ‘bad’ low level guys were working with the ‘good guys’ to ‘light-fix’, heal, and change these upper level bad guys that were now visible. I continued to run and fly around sending light to and into this second level group. One appeared more vampire/wrath-like with red eyes. I energy wrapped him in a purple sphere and told the ‘good guys’ this was the proper use of a containment sphere, to protect the being inside, to transmute and heal them, while also preventing the being inside it from harming others, including themselves, during the process.

As we all ran around and were giving love and light to this next wave, I was entertained by the fact this whole time it was like a dance musical number straight from an old film like Grease. Everyone was singing and bursting into song and appeared to be doing well choreographed dance ‘fight’ scenes that were love infusions. We all did this. (lol) We completed the healing and transformation of the second group and had them under wraps and also now working with us.

I ran behind the church scenes in the back stairwell hall area and down the hall again, when a white priest guy with a pointy hat touched me on the shoulder, I turned. He wanted the light too. I infused him with it through his hands, he received it fairly easily and quickly. He was now more ‘flowery’ and loving eye looking now. I gave a broad smile and a quick curt nod and released both his hands as we both knew many others still needed the light infusion and he would also now help us as he was able.

I ran back into the main church area, that was also like a warehouse with a vaulted ceiling and dark grey rafters. All of the stage lighting was up there too.

The Showmen thought we were done again and that we’d gotten all the levels. But, we weren’t done yet. It was time to reveal the last and ‘highest’ most etheric aspects now on their way . . . the head leader . . . possibly from the MJ12 group as I was reminded of the 12 flags dreams and where I’d used powerful crystals to eliminated the lying and cheating players from game play, by removing their flags.

The lead guy on his way with a Voldemort-Soro’s style vibe was coming to finish what it seemed the lower levels could not. He didn’t know yet what had happened, he still thought he had some ‘fight’ crew, but he did not because we all were working together now as one team to give and share love and light with each other.

Before he was due to arrive, I went and sat next to my boyfriend on a cement-like football stadium step style bench seat in the church. I loved him and I briefly laid my head on his lap and he lovingly stroked my hair a moment. I told him that I loved him and that I would be right back after I took care of what was coming next. I indicated the sexual cabal predator was coming and although I had to interact with the Voldemort-Soro’s style guy somewhat sexually, I still only wanted the sexual fully with him that way, but I had to express some of that with this lead cabal guy in order to share the message of love in ways he needed to receive, hear, and feel it. I reassured my boyfriend, I’d not be cheating on him as my thoughts and mind were for him only on this and my heart was fully with him. He trusted me, knew, and fully understood. We passionately lip-kissed once, then I had to go back up to the front stage area.

I began to conjure-summon the lead reptile the rest of the way into the building.

I now boomed out my loudest yet in my language to call him forth and make him visible. He was a very high level controller and he now appeared visible to the others in the room. I knew exactly when he had arrived and was there. He was extremely tall, even 8 foot tall. He was skinny and older with a weathered looking face like the AI CEO in the other dream sequence. He appeared even around 80 years of Earth age and had a very strong Soro’s and Magician Trent vibe. He had two extremely tall MIB’s (Men In Black) with him. I manifested the energies to make him fully visible and corporeal now. He floated down to floor from the upper left corner of the very high ceiling, where he’d entered, and he was coming directly for me as I also moved toward him to meet him at his soon to be landing spot.

He landed.

I felt again like Stile from the Piers Anthony Phase and Proton book series, entering the computer game and being small of physical stature and just under five foot tall, but well-built, agile, and sharp. The Soro’s-like being was licking his lips and almost salivating at the opportunity to ‘have me.’ He sort of reminded me of the gross looking old neighbor in the Bart Simpson cartoon shows, minus the crazy hook nose. He was the ‘biggest’ player of them all of the cabal ‘bad guys’ and he was the controller of this ‘sect’ of sector.

He was mine to handle, heal, and fix-change.

He came up to me and towered above me. I float raised up, my form seemed small next to his, almost like I was a midget or a child to him. He was exceedingly lusty and wanting/desiring to perform his child-pedo style rituals on me and then to kill-eat me and drink my blood. I said, “Do you want me?” he said, “Yes.” I replied, “Ok” and raised up even more and asked, “Can I give you a hug?” he wanted me . . . to eat me . . . he didn’t care how . . . he had to have me . . . touch me . . . he knew I’d change him . . . but, he thought it’d be a ‘try’ and not a success. He wanted to put his hands on me . . . and then tear me apart sexually! I now hugged him as though a small innocent child and was wrapped around him in an “X” like pattern. I only covered his chest. His two equally tall MIB style body guards stood immediately next to him on either side and were two to three times his width and built with muscle. He was extremely ‘desirous’ to perform his rituals. As I hugged him . . . he really liked it. . . he was extremely turned on sexually and he raised his lower extremities under me so he was intimately touching me, only our clothing between us prevented the full sexual.

I could tell ordinarily this being liked the very young ones with perfect forms, however, he was so drawn to my energy and filled with desire he didn’t care I was physically older and he desired me more than a child.

His now equally as old wife came over to where we were. She was used to this behavior of his and she was like, “When you’re done with this thing . . .” (inferring me) But, now the head cabal guy was softening with love from my hug and he was not wanting to harm or use me so much now anymore, but wanting to ‘save face’ and still appear ‘tough’ he now called me something like a ‘slut’ or ‘hoe’ or piece of ‘sh-t’ or whatever vulgar terms he usually used and then he said, “Um . . . er . . . as soon as I’m done with this . . . uh . . play thing . . .I’ll be right with you dear.” to his wife. She wasn’t picking up or noticing the shift-change in him regarding me. The wife didn’t seem to be an issue or threat on her own; handling this Soro’s-like guy and by extension she’d be handled.

He was still extremely desirous of me and but not wanting to do all the horrible things to me any more. I lovingly placed my face near his neck area in a lightly sexual way so he could feel it even more and I breathed gently on his neck with pure love mixed with a light sexual energy. I said, “How’s that? Much better isn’t it?” inferring feeling the light, the fullness, and the power of energies, so he no longer was feeling empty and needing to fill the void with ‘sex with children’ and ‘tearing others apart to drink their blood with lust.’

He was now willing to let me go. I also felt it was time. I released him and floated back down to the floor.

Without me on him he sort of had a relapse; which I expected as I’d given him the max amount of light in those moments; and began to bum-rush at me to try to have his way. The song and dance in the room got very loud and intense and I was now the lead dance person as was this Soro’s-like being with his two large MIBs. They came at me like a row of three tight linebackers, trying to do what I had done with my light family in the Soleil dream to dispel the black energies, they were trying to overpower me as the Soro’s guy came near me with his sexual desire and to eat me, I raised my hands and gave him love and light through his sexual organ. He didn’t think I’d touch him there or that I’d deem it bad or sinful or shameful. I did not, he needed to learn to appropriately use those energies.

The song intensified even more and I spoke my language as he was fully and directly in front of me now. I continued to infuse him with the light in the way he needed to receive it. He was beginning to feel some ecstasy now. He hadn’t thought I could or would do that. I continued to give him the light for a few moments in time with the song and gently infused him. He really like it and it changed him even more again. I then sent the energy of warm yellow-white-gold light up his form thrusting it up legs with my hands and sending it up and into the rest of his body as well to receive it. His MIBs stayed very close dancing the ‘bad guy’ half of the number while I danced with my hands giving light energy to their master.

The Soro’s-like being now no longer wished to harm or eat me and he was ‘full’ for the time being and maybe was to be joining our team. We had an understanding. He knew he could come to me again when needed and we’d continue the healing process. I was not so sure he was ready just yet to join us, but close. He still needed to go off and integrate the love and light energies he’d just received and experienced. He seemed to also now remain present, corporeal, and more energetically like the ‘good’ Magician Trent I went on the date with from the bathroom portalling and threads dream.

Now there was peace amongst everyone in church ‘house’ and everyone was getting along. No fighting.

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