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June 12, 2018


The night before the legal docs and letter delivery to Gorik and Fran the attorney


“They” were trying to think of things to say ‘otherwise.’ But, they could not, as Gorik had already acquiesced to everything. It seemed I was in process now of writing a less formal doc to say this. It was more for them and their understanding and not anything I needed to write. I wrote because I care about them and wanted to hear their side of things.

These were the message waking thoughts about legal docs served on the opposing party due to arrive tomorrow.

About 9:20 am

Two Hang Glider Guys with Domino Pizza style Coloring

I found myself outside with a couple of guys, with a rectangular glider. The left half was blue the right half white, reminding me of the Domino’s Pizza. The winds were up and blowing about all of us. The two guys ran together with the one glider. One of the guys reminded me of the actor from Good Luck Charlie named PJ Duncan in the show. PJ was wearing a sky blue outfit that looked like he was prepared for skydiving instead. They both now took off running into the winds and got lift. They went up around fifty feet but, the winds were erratic and their glider was now being tossed all over the place. They looped and flipped with the glider, then went up and down, sideways, and almost like they were doing all sorts of rolls. PJ, the control flyer, decided it was time to take the glider down. As they approached around ten feet above the ground the second guy dropped off and then PJ.

The winds were about to take the glider back up into the air and such that it might be lost forever. PJ expertly ran after it, just as the glider was about to zing right back up into the winds, PJ caught up with it and quickly jumped up and caught it. He briefly went up a little ways with the glider into the winds, then he managed to somehow get it to come back down and as he got near the ground he ran with the glider and also used the rubber soles of his shoes like anti-lock brakes placing them down intermittently as he was near the ground and could and slow the glider.

Finally, PJ got the glider down safely. He asked if any of the rest of the small group of us standing there wanted to try. I replied, “Maybe later, but certainly not now.” PJ grinned at me and then seemed to fold the glider in half to transport it.

Bus Driver Deposed and Atacama Space Ship

A team of fifteen to thirty people along with myself got onto the comfy coach charter style bus, I made my way almost to the back of the bus and sat down. The driver was a heavy set male around the age of 30. He reminded me of a former heavy set friend I knew named Jack. Jack, also seemed to be Gorik. Jack was a very skilled bus driver and the bus took off now for wherever it was we were headed.

Behind me sat a dad with his cute sweet little baby girl, that’d been very sick and had been throwing up all night on him with the flu or a flu-like virus. He was worried that she didn’t look so good and he said to me, “Do you think she’s going to make it?” His baby girl had been very ill and had a fever through the night too. I said “Yes” as I touched the baby girl’s forehead. She reminded me of a mannequin or doll with her bald head. She seemed to be ok to me now and the worst of the flu bug seemed to have been now passed. The dad asked me if I wanted to hold her for a while. I said, “ok” and he handed her forward to me.

As she was being handed up to me over the back of my seat, she aged to being about 6 or 7 years old. She sat next to me on my left and then lay with her head behind my back and somehow resting her head on my far shoulder. This was the same unusual position the youngest son of Gorik’s had taken when I was travelling with him in a dream a couple nights prior.

The now little girl looked up at me and asked, “Do you think I’ll make it?” Both she and her father had thought she would die from the virus. She also reminded me of the mucus snuffle nosed clear baby snake I was helping nurse back to heath in another dream, which also had to do with Gorik. I replied to her, “Yes. I believe you are going to be just fine and everything is going to be ok. It is largely based on what you believe anyway.” She had more believed she would be fine during the sickness, but her dad had been the one worrying and projecting death onto her. That was also why he wanted me to hold her for a while; he knew my beliefs for her were strong and that she’d be ok. I continued to hold and comfort her, she now vibed a little of being my daughter Lexi and I felt love for her as though my own.

I felt a little sorry for the dad as he smelled a bit barfy-like from the prior night and he’d stuck with her through the thick of it all. It felt even the past 24 hours and had been puked on at least three times with that mucous bile barf. She truly was now on the upswing of it all and seemed rather normal to me now over all. No fever. She felt very safe and at peace with me there.

We’d now been riding on the bus for a long time with Jack driving. Even though it’d only been 5 or 6 hours of him driving, that seemed to be the driving time length limit according to some rules. I wasn’t sure if the bus stopped or not, but maybe.

A new younger bus driver kid was now to take over as driver. The new kid was about 20 years old and he was very arrogant and he was accompanied by an approximately fifty year old blond woman who I thought of as being like the bully school marm I’d seen in other dreams. This lady was used to getting her way by bullying everyone else. She sat up front in the middle of the isle facing the rest of us, to make sure none of us tried to depose her arrogant student driver. The roads now were along cliffs and the new kid driver made me feel a little concerned. He was driving the same way Gorik had the night prior. This new kid was driving a little like he was drunk and the grumpy school marm was keeping a close eye on the rest of us to ensure no insurrection against her student driver she was training, with a bus semi-filled with people!

Jack had initially been relieved to have a break and had taken his seat about two rows behind me and to my left, when after just a few minutes of the new guy driving, he couldn’t stand it anymore and he began talking with the rest of us in the back. He began to say how the new kid was only a student in training driver and not even a certified bus driver. He still needed something like 20 – 22 hours more. Jack now began to take a vote of how many of us wanted him to drive again instead. He also suddenly realized he was no longer tired and how dangerous a driver this kid was. One or two of the bus wheels seemed to go off the cliff sides during some turns or extremely close to it.

Jack now took a vote, by way of having us all raise our hands. He only needed those of us in the back to vote on who should drive. I trusted Jack’s judgment way more than the New Kid and so I gingerly raised my hand too. The fifteen to sixteen of us in the back seemed all the vote he needed to overrule the new kid. The ‘evil’ school marm guard lady was now eying us all suspiciously.

Jack then stood up and spoke boldly telling her and told her that it was dangerous for a student driver to be driving us and she should not be training him with a bus full of people and innocent lives at stake and that he was going to be taking over the driving again. He told her they had been out numbered by the vote and had to step down, even according to their own system and the new driver was to pull over immediately. The lady knew she was out voted and that no one on the bus would agree with her to let the student driver continue. The marm reminded me of the government lady I came across almost ten years ago, that was so full of hate I felt sorry for her having to live with herself. While this marm wasn’t that bad, she was in what appeared to be the beginning stages of that much self-hatred and if she kept going as she was behaviorally she was going to get there eventually.

The marm said, “Pull over now?” “Yes.” Came Jack’s firm reply. “Here” she asked , “Yes.” We now just ‘happened” to be at a nice straight area with a wide area of gravel to pull off onto the shoulder. The student driver pulled over and stopped. Jack asked if everyone on the bus would like a break now too, as this was also a very nice rest stop with a fancy restaurant and casino inside. It felt it was named something like Westy Palms and had two palm trees and egret for a logo and vibing as being like a place that I might find somewhere in Palm Springs, CA.

The dust from the gravel settled and the new kid bus driver opened the bus doors and he and the marm exited the bus first. The kid driver wasn’t sure what had just happened, or why he had to stop driving. But, the marm knew he had to stop driving because they were out numbered and everyone on the bus now knew the truth. The marm was sort of the boss of the kid and it seemed the kid didn’t often know what to do and took a lot of his orders from her.

The little girl sitting with me was doing so much better now and she too wanted a break. She and her dad were both thinking to go in and use the sinks in the public restrooms to try to wash up a bit. The rest of us now exited the bus and once we all were off, Jack closed the bus doors. As we exited the bus I was reminded of another dream with the bus entry to the secret underground room with entry to the shark man’s water world.

We all now entered into a very nice and stylish Spanish style fancy adobe oasis hotel rest stop place. It reminded me some of the Harris Ranch in CA on the way to Los Angeles from Sacramento.


As we walk inside I spotted the new driver kid, but he now also seemed to be Jack as well. He was somehow both. I had to wonder about multiple version of Gorik coming back to himself to be in the same dimension as me as he also seemed to be the little girl on the bus as well. I went over to “Jack” and he was now a very husky guy with freckles, reminding me of the zombie-break-away dream where the break-away guy came and kissed me, only he now also had nice black curly-ish Inidian hair. Gorik as “Jack” looked extremely worried about something.

The rest of the group made their way inside now and most began to head toward the restaurant. I spotted the little girl’s dad and the little girl went to him. I told them, I’d be right with them.

I walked over to the blended version of the bus drivers, that was now Gorik, my Twin Flame. I asked him, “What’s wrong?” He was extremely worried now about the dark forces seeing him with me, especially if he was talking with me. Gorik replied, “I have to go somewhere.” I said, “Ok, do you want some company and to talk about ‘it’ (whatever ‘it’ was) along the way?” He became even more concerned now with me there. He was incredibly worried he’d get in HUGE trouble is he was talking with me. His biggest concern was being viewed as a mole and being whacked. Gorik said, “You want to come with me? Kiss me. . . Now, then.” Gorik then pulled me in and indicated he must give the illusion I was the latest ‘flavor’ of the month.

It felt incredibly awkwardly to me as was pulled in and leaned in for a kiss and we seemed to bump noses, as if two kids kissing for the first time. I lip kissed him as though together for a long time. I noted my clothing now and I was wearing my gothic style black pants and black skin tight shirt, with a mild vampire Hari Juku flair. Gorik now with a keen eye out placed his arm around my waist. I followed his lead and placed my arm around his too. He was still very concerned.

We entered into the bar. At the bar counter are sat two drunken dark forces men. They seemed to know Gorik. The two males at the bar were very lude. They looked at Gorik and they looked at me and said to Gorik, “Way to go buddy!!!” Inferring Gorik must have moved up in the world to have a girl like me instead of some unattractive old broad. I didn’t care for the two at the bar in the least, or their perceptions however, this was expected. Gorik acknowledged them with a brief head nod as we simply walked on passed them. Gorik was still worried.

Gorik now told me once out of earshot of the men, “ I am looking for the pieces.” He continued “They are extremely important.” The pieces seemed to be ancient artifacts of some sort he was looking for. Possibly crystalline and when put together they did ‘something.’

We continued to walk out of the bar now and down the hall, we saw the school marm on the way out. She asked Gorik if he’d found “it” yet. She was mean about how she asked him, but Gorik was used to being verbally treated bad so he didn’t think anything of it and replied, “Not yet.” We kept walking passed her too. It felt he wanted to find “it” before she did, because if she found “it” first, she’d turn it over to the dark forces. It felt Gorik wanted to protect “it” now and because I was with him, I seemed to make a difference.

We had now looped back to the main front entry area and headed towards the restaurant. A small group of our team now came into the foyer entry area talking excited amongst themselves about this artifact that they had found and how they had found all these ‘pieces.’ I realized they even had at least three of the artifact pieces while we were on the bus. They held out the pieces they had to show us. They were glowing a more translucent soft teal-blue amidst white crystalline or even diamond material, or some other non-earth based metal that seemed also to be clear like glass. I wanted to say ‘polymer’ but I wasn’t so sure on that. It also had what seemed to be a dark grey opaque non-earth based metal to it as well. It felt to have a lot of non-Earth based minerals and elements. It was both glossy looking and flat matte at the same time.

The team continued to talk very jovially and excited about it. They had put together a lot of the pieces already and its was in a type of four-sided triangular shape. As we approached nearer to the group a guy came over to me and handed me a piece to look at. I realized it fit into the rest of the pieces assembled and was sort of like the nose tip of the . . . spacejet (spacecraft). The ship portion they’d assembled was around three feet by two feet. I looked at the piece I held and it reminded me some of Corborundum where it was jaggedy and broken off, even almost like splintered wood, while the outside surface was more like a smooth melted piece of quartz crystal texture. I then fit the jagged end into the ‘front’ narrower end of the four sided pyramid looking pieces already assembled. The nose seemed to complete the ship. In my hand, it has also reminded me of a piece of drift wood.

I seemed to know this was the Atacama people’s spaceship or other small beings’ like them. I wondered if there were 5 or 6 of them inside and if they were alive somehow. I tried to peer into the ‘window’ even though technically there was none. I looked anyway to ‘see’ if they were ok. I thought maybe they were ‘dormant’ somehow or in stasis pods. I now thought very strongly of Egypt for some reason. I also now realized Gorik hadn’t known these pieces were part of a spaceship. He’d only known they did ‘something’ and he’d thought ‘magik’ (advanced tech) of some sort. Gorik then said surprised and to no one in particular, “They were here with you guys all along.” He wondered how he could not have known this, seen this, or known about it.

The group continued to excitedly talk about how it’d been found in an ancient (Egyptian?) artifact. Like on top of a rectangular sacrifice pedestal or a pedestal used to honor (worship?) treasures, they weren’t sure which. Only that it was on it and it was reminiscent to King Tut (?) style sepulture (tomb). The kind of ‘tomb’ with all the booby traps, like in Indiana Jones shows before one reaches the room full of treasure. Yet, somehow this treasure room and pedestal ‘room’ was here in the museum at this rest stop and my team was allowed to have it and take it for some reason. I also thought of sphinxes and black Sheba cats.

Gorik was briefly thinking to take it from the team, to protect it. Then, he realized these people were more ‘my’ group than his dark forces group and he decided it was actual safest with them, even though the team didn’t yet seem to know it was a spaceship or what to do with it. Even if they did figure it out, he realized they’d be unlikely to misuse it anyways. So Gorik decided to let what he considered ‘all these curious kids’ keep looking at it and holding onto it. He was curious anyway to see what they might discover about it . . . ‘for him.’



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