2018_05_23_MAY Space Walk and Space Museum Center PART 2 – Filaments

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2018_05_23_MAY Space Walk and Space Museum Center PART 2

Grandpa Dan Show me Filament to Light up Gases and Release Pressure

. . . . Then . . .

I found myself going up a hill, back to an old house that was apparently a home my parents and I had formerly rented and lived in together. It seemed to be the same house from the other night that had been converted to rubble by another couple I referred to as being “Ma and Pa Kettle” style.

However, here, it was still standing and even a very different house all together.

We had quit renting this house from grandpa Dan because it was so shoddy and in need of so many repairs, we’d decided it was too much work and money, even thousands of dollars worth. However, since I was now here in town again inside this dome style bubble planet, I decided I’d go check on the house.

As I approached the house, I saw grandpa Dan’s truck outside with the truck bed full of materials and tools, all piled high. Then I saw Dan working on repairs inside the house. He seemed to have moved back into the house for the time being in order to make all the needed repairs prior to selling it. I thought about leaving, as I heard hammering and saws and drills and a variety of tools being used. But, instead, I decided I needed to go inside and if I saw him and spoke with him that’d be ok. I needed to be considerate and felt I should probably check up on him anyway to see how he’s doing and if he’s ok.

I made my way into the kitchen area and spotted Dan. The space was rather small and overall very eclectic. It was a little catawampus and had a mild Willy Wonka style to it. Dan had just finished replacing a table leg. It seemed to be one attached to what was the ‘wing’ of the table and would keep the hinged section propped up. I looked at all the table legs and each one was different with a brass or gold metal plate ring around it. Like a bird tracking band and each leg was unique. The leg he’d just replaced though a carved wooden piece made me think of the Twilight Zone Mannequin episode and the leg table lamp from the American Pie film that the dad-character loved in the show.

Dan looked up at me seeing me musing over his work. He knew it was eclectic and odd but, this was also the whole house style, so it fit. He was a little grumbly about all the repairs he was now seeing needing to be done. But, he seemed focused and determined to do them. He knew it wasn’t ‘perfect’ per say, but also that it would do and it fit the overall style. Besides, he was also doing his best. He was aware I also knew all the work needing yet to be done.

I said, “I just came to check up on you and see if you’re doing ok.” It was a little awkward between us so I added, “It’s a lot of work to do yet isn’t it?” He sort of grumbly acknowledged what I said and worried I’d say something negative about all his work. I continued, “ Its really good you’re doing all these repairs.” For some reason I seemed to be talking very slow and loud, as if he was semi-def or physically challenged or as if talking over tool noise. “There’s a lot going on here and it really needed it, if you’re ever actually going to sell it.” He was lightening up some realizing I wasn’t going to criticize his choices for how to repair things or the overall eclectic style of the house.

I asked if he’d like a little help with anything. But, it turned out the kind of work he had to do required electrical type skills (Earth based) and other skills like my brilliant inventor grandfather had, but my knowledge in 3D expressions of these energies was limited. So instead, he invited me to watch and learn as he was doing stuff.

I stood near him observing and was rather fascinated with the odd thing he was doing to the lamps. The first one had a kind of glass housing base. It was reminiscent to a round but also sort of flat fish bowl style and shape (vintage round glass bottle). He only had the glass base portion of the lamp and he also had what looked like two of the glass filament base piece from inside a regular house light bulb and was holding one in each hand. He would then touch them to the glass on generally opposite ends of the fishbowl shaped glass piece that was about 8 inches by 12 inches by 2 inches thick. Inside were some kind of gases. I was uncertain exactly what these gasses were, I thought maybe something plasma based but that didn’t feel quite right, or even aethers. For some reason I thought of paint thinner fume smells, but no odor . . . aethers? Spirit gum?

As Dan ran the two glass filament pieces all around and on the fishbowl vintage glass style lamp part, the gasses inside would light up all different colors and would move like waves of water inside or like wave clouds undulating like an ocean wave ripple, they would light up blues or purples inside the container and as they lit up that caused the pressure to be released and the energies to be cleared. I may have also seen some fire orange glows too, where it would light up and glow like a sunset. These gasses continued to light up and undulate as he continued to run the filaments over the coke bottle thick style clear glass. He said “this is done to dissipate the liquid philaments.” (?) or something like that.

He was rather enjoying me watching and being so interested in learning because no one else had ever seemed to notice of care before what he’d done to fix or repair things. He liked I was interested to learn why it did what it did inside, and why he was doing what he was doing to it now.

Dan now took the second lamp base portion, which was much larger than the first and had a more bubbly hourglass type shape with a much thinner and delicate glass. It reminded me of my mom’s lovely butterfly lamp base in Waking 3D Life.

He was really enjoying having me watching him now, so much so, he patted the seat spot next to him for me to sit down. I did. He began to explain about the two glass filaments in his hands and how they dissipate the dangerous (poisonous?) gasses inside that tend to build up over time and that most people don’t ever even notice but if left unchecked, eventually they’d blow up or explode or the like. So the pressure had to be relieved by the dissipation of the gasses, by the use of the two filaments activating them (the gasses) which then dissipated and cleared them. I was incredibly fascinated and giddy with excitement from all the pretty colors. I was mesmerized looking and in love with the beautiful display.

Dan was amused I found the colors and the process so ‘exciting’ and ‘enjoyable.’ To him, it was just another day at work and another task he performed that usually went unnoticed. He was somewhat delighted and curious as to why I was so excited by something so simple and also wondered how I could feel so much joy and wonder over something so basic and common and this. I felt his inquiry and said, “Yeah, it could get boring after doing this same thing hundreds of times, but for me, this all really new, cool, and super exciting right now! And, I love all the pretty colors and light displays!” I was reminded of the lovely LED light path to the labyrinth at Gaia TV in Waking 3D Life.

We started to feel more like very close, comfortable, near, and dear friends.

Then, I transitioned into another experience and woke shortly thereafter.