2018_05_23_MAY Space Walk and Space Museum Center

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2018_05_23_MAY Space Walk and Space Museum Center

Part 1

I found myself on some kind of mission . . . in outerspace . . . on a spaceship.  

The spaceship was huge and semi-spherical but slightly oblong; shaped a little more like the Good Year blimp. It was largely solid white, with possibly some silver-grey support trim .  It was also a highly advanced jet space craft. The rest of my team, or riders, were now getting into their seats designed like Disneyland rides with the overhead pull down bar and locking system.  I thought of Top Gun, but it was more like the Vortex ride because of the seating, whereby the legs didn’t dangle in the air.

My daughter Lexi and I were outside the craft looking in the large windowed area at our fellow passengers.  It was our turn for the space-walk on the ship hull outside.  We were both wearing the full on NASA-style space gear, with big white space helmets the full puffy like suit outfits.  Our suits were temperature controlled, so we didn’t feel any of the cold of space.   Both our boots were magnetized to the hull surface.   Lexi was again appearing younger and looking more like a semi-toddler of 6 or 7 years old.  She was holding my hand when we heard the announcement . . .

The magnetic locks were being released. 

Our boots now unclamped from the ship hull and we began to free float above the hull about a foot.  Fortunately we were near a mini five to six step stairway with a rail and we already semi-holding onto it.  We both now grabbed on fully and I told Lexi to “Don’t worry, just on hold tightly as if for dear life. I’m hanging on tightly too.”   I wasn’t afraid, but I knew something wasn’t quite right.  I tried to radio in to the control room “We’ve de-magnetized.”  It all had a very ‘Houston, Houston, do you read me vibe.’  I wasn’t sure if my radio mic was working due to all the space dust static.

I reassured Lexi they’d remember we were out here and that it was our turn to space walk and they’d fix it. I made extra sure Lexi was in between both of my arms and my chest and that I was holding her safely in place, while also somehow still holding her hand.

Suddenly, the ship began to start its slow turn rolls for take-off, as if a shish-kabob turning on a rotisserie wheel.

I looked inside the windowed glass wall and saw the last of the team members inside finish buckling into their seats.  A gal I knew was looking right at us and I said “HEY, tell them the magnetics have de-clamped and we are still outside.”  The seated crew/team had on regular civilian type clothes or matching type uniforms and were on chairs maybe made with a surface covering of a hard white leather.  My crewmate first looked at me blankly not really registering what I was saying or realizing what was going on and looked at me like, ‘why don’t you just radio in yourself and tell them.’  I said it again, “Tell them. . . Please . . . just tell them . . .”  she finally realized we were still out on the hull and that something must be wrong, she then radioed in for us.

The white space-bubble-ship now began to turn roll faster.  Yet to Lexi and I it still felt like slow motion.  I figured we must be doing some G’s but since we were in outerspace it felt more like nothing to us.  Then, the ship began to spin turn even faster and Lexi’s little arms had now gotten too tired to hold on any longer and her arms gave out releasing the stairwell rail, I released my grip as well to go with her.  I wasn’t about to leave her to float alone in space.  Even though we felt very little, to no G-forces,  we were sort of thrust off and away from the moving ship now turning and spinning faster and moving away from us.   I estimated there must have been something on a collision course for the ship that would have caused significant damage had they not started taking-off; whatever it was, had to be significant enough, even and as severe as being blown apart for them to deem it necessary to take off with us still outside on the hull. 

Lexi and I were now free floating away from the ship and into outerspace.  I was still holding her tightly in my arms as we floated amidst all the stars.  I was not afraid even though it was very vast and I felt so small, like a spec of dust in the mass of darkness.  Yet, while it was thickly black, it was not dark.  Stars shown brightly all around us.  I saw red stars, yellow stars, orange stars, and even some blue and purple ones.   I reassured Lexi again, they’d find us by the spacesuit beacons.  We seemed to have plenty of oxygen, though we didn’t seem to have any actual ‘oxygen’ tanks strapped to our backs.  I wasn’t sure but it may have even been unlimited as the suits seemed they might somehow convert something in the space atmosphere (dust?) into usable oxygen for us.  So as long as our suits remained operational, we’d likely be fine.

I reminded Lexi about our destination now and how they would find us; it was after all, also our turn to visit the ‘moon’ station museum.  However, it seemed to be itself a moon.  But, not like any traditional moon. It was a whole bubble dome, like a small man or alien made planet, or both.  The bubble dome was clear and like a special type of field-shield around it. Reminiscent to a soap bubble, perfectly clear, but you could still somehow see it.  It also reminded me of a Rector Set gear sphere ball that was used to power creations assembled with the rest of the set and also likened to a plasma glass sphere science ball.

The place was basically a discovery center Museum and Exploratorium; in fact, the entire planet was a type of family exploratory center and it was Lexi and I’s turn to visit with our team.  I could still see the ship roll turning away and we were also still floating opposite it from our thrust off the hull.  I worried briefly about an asteroid or something else colliding into us before we got ‘rescued.’  Thankfully, we were close to the science station center planet and could now see it and we seemed to be floating closer to it, while it also seemed to be moving closer to us. 

I thought momentarily it also seemed as if the ship leaders didn’t know we were outside on the hull or even on the ship roster for that matter. Almost like we’d even stowed away. . . yet, somehow, it was also our turn to go on the hull. I wondered breifly if they’d planned to take off with us on the hull still. If they did, I thought that wasn’t very nice to do to a child.  But, neither of us was afraid.  We had each other and plenty of air.

We were now floating much closer to the science-center-space-moon-dome/sphere-planet.  Our suits continued to keep us warm and the icy coldness of space out, as far as I knew this science-museum-planet performed only good experiments, such as working with advanced technologies and their development into useful and functional tools to aid the beings who utilized them. It didn’t seem these technologies were bought or sold, but given and received by and to those in need of them who would utilize them with respect and dignity appropriate to the technology.

The science-museum-planet was getting larger and larger to us, as we got closer and closer. The blimp-style-bubble-spaceship now began to come back toward us too.   The science-museum-planet was also a rather massive ‘zoo’ sanctuary which had also been part of our destination.   

The ship was still roll spinning back toward us like a slow behemoth space-mole-driller-unit.  I thought of it as that, because it actually ‘drilled’ (cut) holes in space to pass through it.  I was reminded of the melted sisters and the black and purple time portals dream.  As I watched the ship roll back toward us, I could see it ‘cut’ through what looked like grease or oil on the top of water, cutting out a ‘hole’ in it like it was clear saran wrap.  The space section would ripple and shimmer a clear and rainbow color, like a soap bubble, and then the rainbow section would go around the outside of the hull without touching it and the ship would pass through the ‘hole’ that with the texturing of a soap bubble.  It was just like the science-museum-planet field-sphere.  I realized the science-museum-planet was in another ‘sector’ of space that this ship could access by ‘cutting’ these portals by way of the rotation-spin.

It seemed the Dan Aykroyd looking guy might be the ship owner and had somehow been too busy in meetings to realize we were still out on the hull at the time the emergency had arisen.

We were now very close to the science-museum-station-planet.  I could see what looked like a very advanced and silvery-white modern city inside.  It reminded me of a sort of MC Escher type labyrinth world only it wasn’t that convoluted; it was more so only in essence that way than in actual appearance.   

Lexi and I were then “beamed” safely inside. . .

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