2018_04_28_APR ABDUCTED – White Light Beam

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2018_04_28_APR ABDUCTED – White Light Beam


I was outside with my daughter Lexi. It was night and the stars shone brightly above our heads. Lexi was younger than she is in Waking 3D Life (W3DL). She was only 6 or 7 years old. We were inside a tan tent camping on the blacktop just outside my parent’s hotel room. We lay there side by side, inside our individual sleeping bags. Lexi was sleeping somewhat peacefully now.

I looked outside the camping tent screen windows at the mesa like hillside, gently reminding me of the trails and rolling mesas behind our home in W3DL, only this was more like a hill than a mesa, yet almost flat like a mesa. I was looking closely at the hillside; sure I’d seen ET activities up there before. I looked at a silver style structure, that reminded me of a telephone phone, with the semi standard cross like look with arms that jut straight out to the side.

Suddenly, the silver telephone pole like structure began to walk! It lifted one huge voltron type leg on the right and set it down again, leaving arms straight as boards still jutting out, then the left leg lifted up just as pronounced, while the arms remained just as stiff. I thought, ‘OMG! COOL!!!!” I watched it do this three or four more times as it walked nearer the edge of the hillside I wondered if it was going to ‘walk down the hill.’ I said, “Lexi . . . Wake UP Lexi. . . the Telephone pole is walking . . . THE TELEPHONE Pole Is Walking! . . .” Lexi finally roused just enough to see it finish its last step to the hillside edge, then it silently began to fly straight ahead. Both it’s legs now totally straight like boards, the arms never moved remaining constant and jutting out to the sides the entire time.

It was flying toward us. . .It glided . . .



Lexi got nervous and climbed out of her sleeping bag and partly on and into mine and was now laying on my chest, while also looking up at the flying ‘telephone pole.’ While it was shaped similar to a telephone pole it definitely was not a telephone pole. It seemed comprised of some type of metal-like structure. The top arms that didn’t move had lots of metal rope like wires and or metal beams that ran from one arm end to the other arm end and some to the ‘head’ cross top section too. Some of it made me think of bridge roping or thin structural metal beams. All the wires and cross beams resided at the top portion of the telephone pole. The lower half looked shiny metallic silver, like silver solder after being melted and re-hardened into a shiny silver shape. The lower half was smooth and free and clear of any wires or cross beams and the ‘legs’ almost now looked to be one solid unit.

The unusual silent glide-flying structure was almost to our tent now and then it was directly above us in our tent. A white light beam laser now emitted out of it from somewhere, I wasn’t entirely certain where. Lexi was nervous. It was tight and like a laser pointer as the white light emitted out of the subtle pink glowing iris ring. It seemed small, not at all what I have expected it to be. I expected it to be large enough to ‘beam up’ a body my size. But, instead the light beam came down and seemed to touch my 3rd eye on my forehead and either a second beam touched Lexi’s forehead or the same beam was used on both of us rapid succession. I knew if we got beamed up, it was because we’d contracted to do so prior to Earth life entry.

Then, it was if we’d never left . . . But, we had.

The telephone pole began to glide off and away again. I was like, ‘Hey Wait! I want my memories back!” so then I started to speak my language to reactivate my memories.

Lexi was worried about what they’d done to us. I assured her if it was anything bad I now had full permission to change them and directly interfere because of them interacting with me and her. Lexi wasn’t so sure. I reassured her again, “Oh yeah, I get to do whatever I want now (love based of course). If they did things they weren’t supposed to . . . I’ll definitely be holding them responsible.” For some reason I thought they may have put some nanites into us. I was reminded of the Purple Mars bar dream and stamping and how we’d needed the nanites to access the portal to the ship and how they’d also been to release memories into my physical 3D self.

I wondered now, what might I remember next . . .

I was looking up at the sky and the hillside again. There was a large and blue barn with a rounded rooftop, a house, and another structure that looked like an electric tower of some sort that was more of a dark silver black metal.

Suddenly the blue barn lifted up off the hillside, then the house, then the structure that was even more voltron like than the telephone pole. This structure had a lot of cross beams all up and down it and it seemed to have four sides and legs.

The big blue ‘barn’ flew towards us, followed by the house, then the electrical voltron tower and then they all then silently flew to the left toward the side of the hotel my parent’s room was on. I could somehow now hear my parents talking excitedly about the flying blue barn, house, and electric voltron tower, with each other inside their room. I got Lexi up all the way to come with me to their hotel room. I wanted to talk with them about our telephone pole experience.

We crossed the black asphalt parking lot and went inside their hotel room. We found them in the bathroom looking outside the glass slider doors at the blue barn and house now gliding off and looking small in the distance and the electric voltron structure bringing up the rear.

Mom excitedly exclaimed, “Did you see that!?” and she pointed to the three flying objects we could barely see now. I said, “Yeah, they flew almost above us, so I saw them looking really big and closeup.”

I then began to tell both my parents about the ‘walking’ telephone pole and did my demonstration walk putting my arms straight out to the side like boards and then did big slow robot style leg lifts with each leg. Then, I pointed back to the hill where the barn, house, and tower had just come off of. The telephone pole was back on the hillside. I said, “See that ‘telephone pole’? It used to be by the house and the barn, and that other flying thing. But, that’s the thing that lifted off (no sound at all) and glided over the top of Lexi and I and did the light beam.” I then explained how the beam had come down and into my 3rd eye. Suddenly the red dot thing seemed to make sense and like it was there as a door to say welcome and without the dot it was like it was sealed shut. But, It was really just the belief behind the dot and not the dot itself that made the 3rd eye seem accessible.

Just then, the strange looking electric voltron tower unit glided back toward the room. I quickly got Lexi and we went back out into the parking lot where it was now silently landing. My mom also came out in time to see it land next to Lexi and I’s tent and she said, “Run and hide.” Worried we’d be bad abducted. I said, “No way. I’m gonna find out who these guys are and why they took us.” I figured since they flew in a group and were ‘parked’ next to each other, they probably knew each other.
I approached the electric voltron tower. . .

A man stepped out. He looked very dapper steampunk style with dark black hair, thick eyebrows, and an almost twist up mustache. He was very Ringling Brothers style. He came over to me with a clipboard in his hands and paperwork for me to sign. He was talking away about the orders and he reminded of Bernard Elf in “The Santa Clause” movie with Tim Allen and he was rattling on about how he doesn’t question his orders and he just does as he’s told. He was now asking me if I was Lexi’s parent, I said, “yes.” and he continued on like they’d only just taken her and I was thinking that’s not fair if they only took her. But, then he asked me if my daughter’s name was Amber. I said, “What? Her name is Lexi.” He kept on going on and on about having my daughter Amber, who is one of Lexi’s best friends in Waking 3D Life and like a daughter to me, and he was again saying how he doesn’t question his orders he just performs them. I was still perplexed and said, “no” she wasn’t my daughter. But, then I thought well maybe she is because of the DNA dream where her eyes shapeshifted and I wondered if mine did it too as she recognized me as someone like a legend to her and we seemed of the same genetics, though I was much more ancient than her, possibly by like a billion years . . . or so . . . It finally registered to me fully he was definitely talking about Amber and not Lexi this whole time or Lexi and I’s earlier abduction.

Bernard wanted me to sign his papers now for her deliver. I asked him, “Do you have her here . . . now?” He replied, “Yep.” I thought wow that’s cool, cause in Waking 3D Life (W3DL) she’s had to move to Texas months ago and we missed her being in our neighborhood. He’d pulled her out because her 3D situation was too dangerous and she didn’t want to be there anymore. We all walked over to the low lit stairwell by the building. It felt her mom was due to come back to Colorado too later on. Bernard might get her and bring her too, it was still uncertain. I said, “Do you have Amber here with her blankey and pillow too?” “Yep.”
Now Amber was suddenly on the stairwell area and sorta Gang Beast style body flow and movement with her head aimed down toward me and she sorta did the heack funny Gang Beast roll off the stairwell and into my arms. I managed to sign the docs holding her in my arms and was asking more questions as to why I was being considered her mother. Bernard said that whoever loves them more is their parent. I knew I loved Amber, but it seemed to me her biological parents loved her too and I wasn’t sure how it’d been determined I loved her more when her parents took care of her every day and I was more like the cool aunt or something, but not necessarily the responsible parent like her mom and dad. But, apparently, Amber thought of me as more her mother than her biological mom.

My parents now rounded the corner and saw Amber and I told them what was going on and they were ok with Amber living with us all too. I realized this was the ‘bus dream’ where Amber had gotten on a bus all by herself around the age of 12 and showed up on our doorstep having left Texas.

Then, I phased back into my 3D form and woke to document my experience.



The flying telephone pole made me think of another dream I had that connected with the Brazilian Jesus statue.  It made me wonder if the statue is actually a ship of some sort.  There have been stories of people who have seen it smile or claimed to have seen it move.  Some people have said it is bigger or smaller than it used to be as well. Considering all the timeline shifts and many new and exciting unusual things coming to the foreground of humanities consciousness, I wonder now how many ‘houses’ or ‘barns’ are not those kinds of things at all . . . so keep an eye on your neighbors house (or barn) they might just lift off and fly away . . . you never know . . .



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