2018_04_27_APR Time Portal Travel – President

April 27, 2018


Main Q: Show me what I most need to know right now and (Secondary) may need to publically share


I was in the kitchen in my home looking at my toes. Each one was bandage wrapped with white tape. I gently lifted the bandage tape from my right middle toe and the toenail almost came off. I had jammed it sometime prior and half was black and blue. I quickly put the bandage wrap back down to let it continue to heal.

I found myself planning to have a movie non-date date night with some guy. We were going to watch old mysteries, that vibed of being 50’s type shows. It was to remember . . . .

Prior this non-date, movie date night . . .

I was in another place. Another time. People were after me to kill me. I had secret service men helping me to escape. I didn’t fully know why or understand at first what was really going on. One of the secret service men had a slight Dan Aykroid look, only younger, different, more handsome, and in his early 40’s.

We were in some kind of place filled with tubes. Tubes for portalling to other places, times, and locations. Dan grabbed my right hand, while the other secret service guy brought up the rear. We had cabal style leaders coming after us with death threats! Dan quickly said to me, “Except for you! Come with me!” I still didn’t fully understand. I knew we had to get out of there right away and it was urgent! We began to run. I knew I was being extra special protected for some reason.

The cabal group sent to kill me was close in tow, though just out of visual range. They wanted to slaughter me with the rest of the prisoners Auschwitz style in their gun-fire lineup. I ran with Dan as he kept on saying to me, “Come with me Sir. This way Sir. Over here Sir.” it seemed we were inside a type of Tron video game style world. We ran into and through a flat circular 2D portal entry that then funneled us into the 3-dimensional tube. We came out at our next destination. All the portal realms seemed black with dark almost black purples. It was hard to see anything beyond the 10 to 20 feet immediately around us. It was inky black. But, the purple gently glowed and lit up the realm to see just enough in front of and around ourselves to run at a brisk pace.

We entered another time travel tube portals realm with what may have had a catwalk overlook. We ran onto it. I could more feel than see all the time travel tubes criss-crossing and zig-zagging around. The space was semi-large, as if in a warehouse building. There must have been at least 20 time portal tubes. We stopped on the overlook and began to throw some type of energy matter like ping-pong balls back and forth with the cabal followers for a few minutes in order to protect ourselves. They wanted to capture me and force me to take a magik potion of some type to make me forget the secret service guy I was running with and why I was running in the first place. They wanted me in a drugged up stupor so they could control me.

We began to run again as quickly as we could, yet I was not winded and now Dan very intensely stated, “Except for you . . .” He’d been directing other secret service men where to go from the overlook, “. . .Mr. President . . .” (like I was Trump or something) “come this way with me . . . and don’t screw this up.” The other secret service men ran different directions towards an array of different tubes.

Dan and I ran and entered a separate time portal tube together from the messed up future timeline. I felt my body again flatten into a 2D silhouette shape and then sort of suck-bend into the portal as we entered and went through it. Inside the tube my energetic form stretched and bent with the tube flow. I felt like a 2-dimensional silhouette person going down a water park slide on a raft.

We popped out into another major time portal tube access location. My form finished bending and stretching as it exited the tube and re-organized back into my traditional 3D seemingly solid matter state as I popped out. Dan’s form did the same. The time portal access places gently reminded me of airports and train stations, only no people and still inky blackness. I looked again and now we’d multiplied into there being four of us. We’d somehow divided even further into being more people from within the tube. The four of us began to run up stairs together. Dan and I now seemed to be one, but still two separate people. The other two with us were like inky black and purple versions of human forms and they also seemed to be partially me. They were female twins that stood slightly taller than myself and were approaching the 6 foot mark. They were inky, blob like, yet also human form, but not fully formed humans. Their forms were more gelatinous or like the thick black inkiness of the time portal access realms along with being made up of the same dark purple glowing accents. They were solid, but more like semi-liquid silver solder when melted and flowing on stained glass fluxed foil. With features not fully formed or developed. They seemed to be cousins or aunts, but ultimately twin decoys. They had less consciousness and were more like ‘space fillers’ than whole and actual beings. This was by design to trick those running after us into thinking they were us due to my partial energies animating them and instead they’d follow ‘the sister.’

Dan was still holding my hand as we ran up the stairs with the two sisters now also running between us.

There was neon green glow-in-the-dark tape lining the stairs that felt to be the same advanced conscious nano-technology that healed me in another dream where parts of me had somehow been blown off and skin chunks were missing. I now felt the nano-tech again on me, first on one of my right hand’s fingers, then a larger constituency on my right ribcage area. It felt very warm, inviting, comforting . . . and . . . I remembered.

Dan let go of my hand and ushered me to run now in front of him as he directed the twins into another time portal tube. The sisters were a ‘glitch’ in the matrix.

Dan was now planning to take another tube in order to further distract and confound the cabal stalkers. He directed me into yet another flat circular 2D entrance portal to a 3D slide tube. This entry was like the others and also had a yellow-gold 2D trim indicator circle ring that ran around the lip of the entire opening, as though lined with gold leaf approximately three inches in width and that ran around the entire circle, like a ribbon, where the portal opened. The portal itself seemed closer to eight or ten feet in diameter.

As I ran through the portal and did the 2D suction and bends again, I realized I was somehow this world’s President-to-be and somehow their final hope. I had to succeed with my mission and to ‘remember’ who I was at just the right moment. . .

The tube took me to what was my distant past. I was in a time I thought of as the 1950’s era, antiquated, outdated, quaint, severely lacking in technology . . . I was in . . . today . . .

I was inside ‘my house’ and inside my master bedroom planning a non-date movie date night with my male friend. I wasn’t sure if we were dating or only friends. We spoke on the phone and planned to watch a lot of ‘old’ movies together. . . to remember . . . some felt to be shows like the Bates Motel and other Alfred Hitchcock films, while others felt to be shows like Invasion of the Body Snatchers. I didn’t want to watch these shows alone, so I invited my guy friend to join me and he said, “sure.”

My non-date date arrived. It was time to make the popcorn that we’d sit and eat together in bed while watching these old horror shows together . . .

. . . to remember . . .

. . . and maybe . . . just maybe . . . if things went well during the non-date, date night . . . maybe we’d be more than just friends . . . as we . . . remembered . . .

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