2018_01_05_JAN Living Giant and Game Changer PART 2

Saturday, January 13, 2018

2018_01_05_JAN PART 2 Living Giant and Game Changer

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January 13, 2018

Please read Corey Goode’s recent SSP update and take special note of the giants info section.

My “dream” info adds to the giant knowledge of today’s giants situation. I come from the perspective of love and healing for all.
I definitely pick and choose… everyone… to ascend…

Love is a skill inherent in each and every one of you reading this. The more love and truth you are, the more powerful you are in dreams and W3DL.

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Part 2

2018_01_05_JAN Living Giant and Game Changers

… I didn’t recall feeling any special portal transport sensations this time. Different portals, have different sensations. In another dream experience where I’d used a curtain portal, I felt like I flew apart in all directions for a brief moment and then came back together again reforming on the other side, however with this portal, we all simple transitioned into a brand new location in the blink of a dream eye…

I now found myself standing aboard a spaceship in what appeared to be the command center control room. The ceiling was about fifteen feet or so above my head height. My family wasn’t in the room with me and the room had a slightly home-movie-theatre style vibe to it being slightly more low lit for better theatre screen viewing, but still very well lit with natural daylight type lighting.

On the wall directly in front of me was the main flat screen movie display that ran almost the whole length of the room, even a good twenty to thirty feet long by at least ten foot tall. I was standing near the far left center area of the approximately thirty foot deep room and to three left of three rows of lightly arced grey table consuls, reminiscent to kitchen countertops but set low like a long gently curved desk.

This room seemed to be the “President’s” lead military and secret operations command station center. He was not an Earth based President. He seemed to be the president of an entire planet or moon. He was very well liked and respected by the people and more like a helms man placed to direct the till for the people because he liked it and was good at it. Nobody was jealous or envious of his position because everyone else was also doing what they loved too, thusly everyone worked very well together.

I looked more closely at three rows of console tables running the length of the main display screen, each consul row had various computer display screens and seats lining them, possibly 15 to 20 spots per row. The room also felt it was used as a congress meeting type area and looked to fit about 50 people max. There were around twenty to thirty humanoid looking beings currently in the room sitting or standing at various stations working on different things on the computers that affected things on the main movie screen.

The main movie screen was currently displaying the most important war operation occuring. It appeared right now that some type of excursion or extraction operation was successfully under way. The people at the computers seemed to be heading up various and smaller operations in conjunction to the main one on the screen, where the success of the smaller operations, lead into the success of the main operation. Like smaller excursions and networking of personnel. I looked further around the room and was empathically told by someone, “You’ll be briefed soon.” and “He’ll be here soon.” I acknowledged and stayed where I was.

A few moments later a Dan Aykroyd looking guy walked in. He was The President. He walked over to me and clapped his hand on my shoulder in the same way he’d done with my Twin Flame, Gorik Nip Kaplin, when he’d asked him, “so what’s it gonna be man?” inferring if he was going to marry me or not in recent dream. Gorik had responded affirmatively and then they took me in front of hundreds even thousands of others on the base for our official marriage announcement. I had not expected that at all! But, Gorik was ready and happy to have received all the official approvals he’d needed in order to be with me and I was very happy to be with him and to begin our life together. After our official presentation as husband and wife, he was going to take me around the base when I woke up and documented the experience on my dad’s birthday, December 16, 2017. That was the second time I documented marrying my twin flame in soul-spirit realms, the first time was on June 7, 2013 at 6:45am. I didn’t know who Gorik was in Waking 3D Life (W3DL) the first time I married him partly due to him looking like a bear to me and because I hadn’t met him in 3D yet. The ETs had arranged our first marriage according to “The Legend of the Bear Love.” During the ceremony the ETs had placed communication crystals on our heads, his on the left and mine on the right. It was the first time communication had occurred between our two species and with the communication crystals he and I could directly communicate with each other from here on out. We were then taken back to our respective 3D homes by the spaceship after having only 3 to 4 more days together on the ship. The “Legend of the Bear Love” had been fulfilled and I missed him upon waking.

Dan still having his hand on my shoulder began to brief me now about what was going on, on the main view screen. It was an extraction still on-going and likely to be a highly successful operation. But, things were still underway and only about half of the way there. It still seemed a little touch-and-go, but mostly it was doing great.

Dan now directed my attention to the purple bar stamp marking on my wrist. He let me know it allowed me to have access to the secret computer communications network here and the “stamp” had also allowed my family and me all to come on board the ship. I still wasn’t entirely sure where the rest of my family was, but I figured Lexi was likely playing with some other kids on the ship.

The ship reminded me of a lead command ship, feeling likened to an Air Force One type craft. Only this vessel was round and somewhere in outer space.

Dan asked me if I needed to send a message to my Twin Flame. It seemed I did. I walked a little more over toward the left of the room and then more toward the front. I was now slightly more centrally located to the far left. There was a hallway directly in front of me and to the left of the primary view screen that seemed to lead to the rest of the main ship areas. I figured my family was somewhere down that hall. Dan, gave me some leave, and went around the room speaking to various people and doing commander related things.

I don’t know where the screen image was being projected from, but I was now looking at a projected image screen around three feet tall by five feet wide. I wondered if it just appeared wherever and whenever it was needed. I stood a few feet back from the projection that hovered in the air like a hologram in front of me. It was unusual to observe as it was like a cross between what I imagine a smart glass pad might be like and a holographic projection. Like liquid crystals and light, even watery-like. It had both physicality and not. I could feel some resistance to my touch but it was also still very holographic. It seemed it only became more solid where I needed to touch and interact with it, then, it’d be more holographic when not being touched or interacted with.

I now began my email message to Gorik and was looking to attach a picture image of a cat that he often appears to me as in dreams named Holly Molly. Only this Holly Molly kat looked like a Sims 4 Pet before any color edits were performed and so she looked like a brown tabby cat with some stripes and she felt more scrapper like.

I decided I first needed to have a brief conversation over the liquid-light screen with my green-witch friend online about her kat. Her kat was a key warning factor in something. The kat could see into the future some and could then warn of danger by how it responded or reacted in 3D life. If the kat was scared or bristly, it meant something was coming in W3DL in 1 to 3 hours. If calm and sleepy, then all was well and peaceful. I finished my conversation with my friend.

I found the digital kat image I wanted to use and was now trying to attach a picture of this kat to my message for Gorik. The kat in the image looked mad and like the Cheshire Cat and had a warning message like the robot for Will in the old black and white TV series called “Lost in Space” and the robot would issue warning to Will like, “Warning. Warning. Danger Will. Danger Will.”

I was having great difficulty trying to write this message to Gorik because every time I did, it changed to say something else. The first time I thought I’d sent it successfully and then I reopened it to re-read and saw that Swype Predictive Text had change 2 or 3 words and some other ‘random’ text was being added, taken away, and/or words placed in the wrong spots altogether.

I thought I’d fixed it to read correctly and sent it a second time, only to find out after I’d sent it that it’d changed again. I tried to fix it about 8 or 9 more times but every time it kept on changing words and messages on me. Finally, I just decided to type in the subject line: “READ THIS” like the kat picture had its own message and even a link to a YouTube video made by the kat delivering a message. The Kat reminded of some old film that had a cat that could talk because of the collar it had and his name was mister Jingles or something.

I finally thought I sent something that might actually say “Read Me” and it seemed it both did and didn’t get fixed and sent. I decided, ‘oh well, to heck with it’, he’ll just have to use his intuition to tune in and figure out what it means and ‘I’ve done the best I can and I’m tired of this game.’

Dan came back over to me now. Apparently, it was time to brief me on the real reason I was there. It seemed to be about an interspecies matter and I thought-felt he was going to take me to the lead white-grey reptilian to talk.

He lead me across the back of the room, to my right, and in a straight line through an archway into a dining like room, then a hallway, and straight into another room with a door on the far wall. As we walked across this room, his energies indicated they needed my advice on what to do about this extremely high level matter and like I was the only one who could handle this. It seemed I was the one that had started it all in the first place and was the original lead negotiator on this particular and very sensitive matter. We walked across the medium sized room, to the door, and Dan opened it.

We entered into another smaller to medium sized room, with another large screen on the wall opposite us. But, much smaller in size to the main command station room. More like 12 feet wide by 8 feet tall. On the screen was a very large giant. I quickly surmised if he was in the room standing next to me, he may be a good 20 feet tall. He had impeccably groomed hair and matching well groomed facial beard hair that was more of a brown-red color as opposed to a red with slight brown hues.

I had been expecting a Draco and Dan replied to that thought saying, “No.” and “I think this matter is much more important.” I felt only a momentary ping of nervousness, but I wasn’t really nervous. It was more just my human-Earth-body type pre-programmed response. As I noted it as such, I no longer felt nervous at all. We walked up to the screen and stood about about eight to ten feet away, with Dan to my left.
I was still trying to figure out why I was brought here and what they wanted me to solve.

I stood there looking into the screen at the giant, it was a two-way viewer, the giant could also see us too. I began asking the giant some questions to figure things out and listened for a bit as he responded to my questions.


I then noticed to my right and up front by the movie screen there was a cubby like room to the right, with a lot of equipment being operated by an attractive blond haired lady wearing white appearing in her 30’s. She said, “This is a portal.” indicating the screen. The equipment in front of her was how she was operating the portal so we could have this transmission right now with the giant.

Dan left the room as I pondered on this portal’s process. It seemed like it was a rather complex and/or complicated process with what I viewed as very clompity technology being used.

In my mind it was like an old 4-tran computer filling a room with punch cards for simple math calculations. Her equipment space was more like a small to medium closet sized space, but equally filled up with computer like equipment. I was glad it was her and not me operating it, seemed encumbering, especially when compared to how I just make portals with my hands and will as needed. But, this technology seemed necessary for this purpose.

I affirmed to her that I understood what she meant about the nature of the portal and she then followed up her first comment with, “and the giant really misses his daughter.”

Dan now returned with an at least 7 foot tall giantess with him. She came and stood next to me on my left, Dan stood mire behind us as the giantess said, “Hi Dad.” to the giant on the screen. The giant-dad began telling his daughter how much he really missed her.

I noted a bed in front of the giant-dad with a giant toddler daughter appearing to be sleeping in it. I saw the toddler rustle and move a little bit. She felt to be only about 6 or 7 years old and seemed to be just as tall as the 20-something giantess daughter standing next to me, who was also the toddler’s sister. The toddler-giant was wearing navy blue pajamas with crescent moons and circles to represent stars on them. She was aimed facing away from us and all her features including hair seemed as if covered with a blanket. It felt she was both shy and tired. I thought this might be her regular nap hour.

I addressed the blond lady, “This is a portal right?” indicating the screen and then tapped on it twice with my right index finger knuckle like it was a curiosity antique to me, then said “Why can’t he just come here if this is a portal?” The blond lady responded, “It’s not ‘that’ kind of portal.” It was apparently a “one-way” portal “to” here on the base station and the daughter with us seemed to have used it and couldn’t go back to where her dad was by using it again.

The giant dad, Ricktor, now spoke up again to his daughter saying, “Yeah, it’s not ‘that’ kind of portal” I realized just then, he couldn’t come here using this portal now either. It was apparently a “one-time” and “one-way” use only kind of portal and, Trinity, the giantess-daughter seemed to have been the one to use that one trip.

I mused to myself now about making and using my blue thatch portal with the “x” hashings, thinking maybe he could come visit and hug her and etc and stay for a week or two and then go back via one of my blue thatch portals instead.

Ricktor continued speaking and lamenting, “I knew it was going to be hard. I just didn’t realize how hard.” He really missed Trinity. He felt to be a single dad for some reason and that there was no mother in the picture at all. I wasn’t sure if something had happened to her, or if there was some other type of mutual agreement in place.

Ricktor, was considering the potential of coming to the ship via an alternate portal like mine. But, then he decided he couldn’t because he was the only parent responsible for the toddler-giant-daughter and there was no one else who could watch her if he was gone. So, he had decided he had to stay where he was for now with his toddler-daughter because it was still too dangerous to leave her there alone. He seemed to have moderate freedom where he was at and like he could go around the base. He wasn’t in lockdown or anything and he didn’t seem to have any typical slave duties for some reason, but it was a very high security place of some sort and he didn’t seem to be able to go ‘outside.’ But, he could largely go where he wanted to inside the compound or grounds he was at.

Ricktor and Trinity began exchanging what felt to be goodbyes now of very heartfelt words like, “I love you” and “I love you so, so, much” and “I miss you so, so, much.” and, “I’m ok” and “all is well” and “I’ll be in touch soon.” This felt to be one of three times they’d gotten to see each other and visit-chat. They’d missed each other since Trinity incarnated into the human form I knew her in, in W3DL.

It seemed the blond lady and other crew had also just finally finished fixing this 2 way communication portal device, so it could now be used now by us and 24/7 hereafter. They had somehow tapped into what felt like one of the many white single-eye-spy security cameras placed all around the base location he was at and they could monitor him in the room at all times and he could communicate with us too as needed. This seemed to be an ok thing that only those who ‘needed to know’ about this arrangement did. It wasn’t being broadcast all over the base about this now constant 2-way communication portal. They hadn’t had to do anything super sneaky reconnaissance style to tap the system, but it was something being kept on the down-low for now.

Ricktor’s room seemed small to me. Like maybe just big enough for a couple of beds, a small kitchen area, and a bathroom somewhere. The areas around him seemed blacked out, like I was looking at him through a black-based-portal. Reminiscent to the one I’d thrown out from my hands and used to rescue Andrew with in another dream.

Looking in through this portal I could mostly only see Ricktor and black around him like a circle and a door behind to his left. The toddler-giantess took a little extra focus to see.

Ricktor was impeccably clean and well groomed. I could tell he took a healthy pride in his appearance and cleanliness. His very full beard and mustache, at least an inch thick, were equally perfectly groomed and went around his face connected with the rest of his hair at his ears. He wore a red plaid long sleeved button down shirt and possibly light blue jeans and had a sort of old school Paul Bunyan style vibe. He was notably extremely kind.

Then I was brought back to my body, by some type of light-waves beam.


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