2018_01_01_JAN Extraction, Adding Light to Dark Entity Matter, Reintegration

2018_01_01_JAN Extraction, Adding Light to Dark Entity Matter, Reintegration


Extraction, Adding Light to Dark Entity Matter, Reintegration

I found myself with a small group of about a dozen people in what felt like a cozy home based church-group meeting. The group sat in a loose circle on the floor as if around a campfire. The pastor, Ken, appeared as a 35 year old male with light golden honey brown color hair. My friend, Ginger, was sitting next to me on the floor to my left when Ken approached her. He reached out and grabbed her thumb on her left hand. She didn’t really want him to do that, but it was more important to her to be polite and so she let him. Ken began to say a prayer of some sort and Ginger and I were like, ‘Whatever . . . . Christians’ . . . lol!

Ken then felt guided of the Holy Spirit to pull, and pull, and pull, on Gingers thumb, to extract an evil spirit from her. Her arm was now being wretched forward and elongated some in the process and she quickly became very freaked and looked wide-eyed like a deer in the headlights. She began to try to pull away out of his grip, but the pastor held on tight. I intervened verbally and said, “She does not like that . . . Let her go.” Ken continued to keep pulling. He was pulling very firm and also gentle too at the same time, reminding me of a chiropractor trying to put a bone back in the socket. Ken now began to turn-rotate her arm and said, “I’m trying to turn her arm to see if I can get into place. I felt guided to try something.” My friend was incredibly freaked out now, so I physically intervened this time and gently touched the top of Ken’s hands and firmly made him stop and break away. I calmly said, “That’s not the way.” I knew now what was coming next . . . because he had now conjure-called for the entity to come up and out.

Ken moved to stand behind me and to my left. Ginger stood up and also moved behind me and just in front of the pastor. The black entity was coming up now to get out and have revenge on the pastor for ‘hurt-pulling’ on her (Ginger’s) arm. As the entity came to the foreground Ginger’s consciousness she began acting like Golem from Lord of the Rings and was threatening the pastor in that ‘my precious’ Golem sort of way. I stood up now and went and stood between she and the pastor.

I looked down at my hands and fingers. My fingers curled up like long wizard fingers from an equally elongated palm with smooth skin. The tips of my fingers and finger nails had a very pointy look, reminiscent to Enetka’s hands for the DreamWalker Magik series. Ginger was now muttering and saying all kind of weird words and hunkering down threatening to attack Ken. I boomed out clearly now in my sacred tongue and language saying words like “carunesh” and so on and so forth and ‘wrote’ over the top of this ‘creature’ and it’s language. I then ordered it, “Out Now,” like in my 2 shadow beings I converted into a tent dream. I continued speaking and sucked the black essence out with my palms and then into my right palm.

It was a black sphere of light based matter and perfectly spherical. It seemed to hover just above touching my palm. I made a claw-like bone cage around it by placing my left hand above it, also in a cupped shape with very taunt muscles. I continued to speak to the black essence comforting and reassuring it as though speaking to a scared mouse. As I continued speaking both ‘to’ and ‘at’ it I was simultaneously reassuring it I would not harm it, but help it. I spoke from my belly (gut) essence to its essence. Ginger’s physical form was standing in stasis behind me as Ken looked on to learn. I continued to speak deeply, clearly, and firmly. Now the black energy sphere knew it was time and was ready for the next phase. I continued to speak and white light sparkles entered into the dark creatures spherical form prepping it for the real work and the full transition. It lit and sparkled in about 15 to 30 different spots, like small starlight. I initially kept the light quantity to no more than 30. This was to protect the creature form from being overwhelmed with too much light all at once. I had however, given it the optimal (maximum) amount of light it could handle.

The black creature now gave me its nod of approval that it was ready for the next phase.

I removed my left hand from above the top of the black energy creature and was now cupping it with both hands under it. I began to gently blow on it the Breath of Life. The black energy began to softly glow black-blue and then began to flower out making me think of a Lotus flower, but only having the base-protector type leaf petals. The center was still the black sphere and it was attached to the flower type walls now and had around 11 black and extremely thick leaf-petals running around the circumference of its base that came about 1/3 of the sphere. The petals were extremely thick and even pyramidal in shape and reminded me more of an Aloe Vera Succulent plant. I continued to blow on it, focusing on a individual petals. One of the thick petals began to light up sunny yellow, another thick petal green, then a subtle glowing shade of purple lit the rest of the black-blue petal areas. I smiled, the creature was starting to feel joy. I took another deep inhale and exhaled further on the black creature form and it now lit up orangish, this time the glow included the central sphere. It glowed a semi-vibrant dark subtle shade of orange and then settled into a burnt umber color with a subtle orange glow. It largely still appeared black all the way around, the colors were very dark yet.
We both knew it was now time for the next phase.

I bent my knees and went into a gentle squat position as I lowered my hands like a catapult with the black lotus-like energy matter resting gently on top of my right palm and then gave a lift-launch up and released the matter off my hands. It went up above all our heads, spread out like a thin sheet, stopped, and hovered above our heads around 8 to 10 feet above the floor. It formed itself into a squarish mist-like cloud that reminded me of the chemtrail blankets we get sprayed with. I waited a few moments longer, letting it sort of take a rest for a moment. Then, I raised up my arms into the air in what looked like a wide receiving hug formation and called back the dark matter energy to me. This time I treated it as though my wayward son in need of a long overdue and much needed fatherly hug and my fatherly love. The black mist then coalesced and came down and entered into my form as though in a funnel being vacuum sucked inside of me. It entered through my hands and what felt to also be the top of my head. I took it into my own essence and I cleansed it even further from within my own form.

I looked around and spotted Ginger now laying down on the floor. I knew I must return her energy back to her form. I moved to stand by her side and placed my hands palm-face-down toward her body and chest area. I was now speaking in a much softer language of mine now, almost a whisper, as I released the dark energy matter back into her form. It came out through the palms of my hands and re-entered her form. It still looked very black, but this was indeed the optimal amount of cleanse she could safely handle and tolerate. I thought felt to myself, ‘So it shall be done, has been done, is done, and always shall be done.’ This seated the cleanse in all timelines, all dimensions, and versions of herself.
Ginger stood up, blinked a few times, and looked around at the world as if seeing it for the first time. But, not like she’d never seen the world. She was now seeing into other dimensions, or rather densities, for the first time. She was now seeing ‘matter’ and energies she had not noticed before and she was in awe of all the glory, beauty, and spender of the new found colors she could see, feel, touch (in essence) and now interact with.

Ken looked on wondering how I’d done it. I knew in time I could teach him this too. So long as he remained open minded and willing he could and would learn anything he was ready to learn and I could and would be able to teach him.

Then, I realized I needed to wake and write all of this.

I thought I was awake and was looking around on the now brown “L” shaped sofa that was there for my current journal to write in. Ken had since sat in my spot and pulled out a really old journal of mine (like my 1st one from 2006 with the dream likely related to Nibiru) and said “is this it?” I was very unhappy by this point and very flustered and I glared at him like, ‘please common sense here! I need one not written in!’ I then seemed to roll my eyes at him. I was now finding about a dozen other dream journal I’d already written in. All of them on the sofa and sort of in the cracks and I was just throwing them randomly at Ken and Ginger, not meaning to hit them, but just to get them out of the way. I was worried I might not recall my dream. I was getting more flustered and started to say “damn” A LOT (which is highly unusual for me to cuss, but rather entertaining to read it.) like “Where is the damn thing!?” and “Why isn’t the damn thing here!?” and “I know I left the damn thing here where is the damn thing!?” I prob did this about eight or nine times, in a variety of sentence structures.

The pastor decided to ask me some questions about the cleanse and I grumbled to him, “I don’t usually talk until AFTER I have written my dream experience (due to recall) and I gave him a glaring look of ‘you idiot.’ But, I really wasn’t mad and didn’t mean to be rude. I was mostly doing it because I didn’t want to hear him or anyone else act like I was ‘stupid’ or an ‘idiot’ for not knowing where I’d put my journal in the first place. So if I got angry and upset about it first, it would avert the others from treating me like I messed up in their eyes, because I was already mad about it so they wouldn’t have to get mad at me because I was already mad and frustrated about ‘messing up.’ So no one said anything to me about not finding my journal and they didn’t ask me any more questions. Lol

I finally found my journal and seemed I wrote the experience in it and then realized my daughter had also been there watching, observing, and learning too the whole time. I made my way over to her all smiles again having successfully recorded my dream and held hands with my her and began encouraging her that she too could do these things.

I then thought I woke again and heard my sister-in-law call my brother’s name twice and realized I was still asleep.
Then, I actually did wake up and I listened intently to see if I could hear her calling my brother in actual Waking 3D Life. I did not.
I then documented this dream and finished recording around 11:07am

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