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December 12, 2017

Hi Everyone,

Briefly, I have had some truly amazing dream experiences and while I will share some here for learning purposes my ultimate intent is to reveal what is possible and for each of you to achieve these victories in your own dream-states.

Please ask me any questions you may have. While I have labeled this as a ‘class’ this is new for me and each one of you will be helping me to format the course direction through your questions. Largely this will be highly intuitive and we’ll just flow where we need to and lessons will also come as they are needed.

Lesson 1 – Laying the Foundation for Future Work

Working With Dark Entities –

What are they?


What do you do with them?

Currently the most common thing I am asked about are dark entities of various natures and what does one do with them?

First of all, “dark entities” are not always what everyone might think, which is stereotypically something or someone that is “bad” and are to be “eliminated.” This is the first misnomer that has to be corrected.

I never approach any situation with the intention of harming, knifing, slicing, or “cutting” of anything or anyone in dream realms or in Waking 3D Life (W3DL). To do those things will not change the situation unless they are performed from pure spaces of love which is likened to what Magenta Pixie calls neutrality. I won’t go into that aspect here, as it is seldom used and is only reserved for the most darkest of entities, or highly specific situations, and is still also performed from spaces of neutrality (love).

The reason why knifing, slicing, and fighting basically doesn’t work, is because typically the person performing them is operating on the same or similar type of frequency as the ‘being’ coming at them. Therefore the ‘combatant’ will likely see little to no results with their attempts or mayhap a temporary victory and then the being will attack again later.

To truly ‘dispel’ dark or rather more aptly named “fear-based entities” a being must operate from spaces of love and honesty. The more honest and truthful one is with themselves and the deeper their connection to love (Source) is, the more powerful they are.

Now let’s delve into one of my astral-dream examples (names have been changed to protect the privacy of the souls I am working with in soul-spirit realms). The following is only 1 dream sequence of 4 that I had this night and I shortened it up some.

My mother told me over the years, “I think you live another life with your long drawn out and detailed dreams!” Turns out . . . she was right . . .



I was in a small classroom with around 8 to 9 students and an instructor, Alvin, who was a fairly well known astral teacher. I wore my grey hoodie sweatshirt over my head in the same fashion as I’d worn it to bed. The students sat in a loose circle across from me; I stood mostly alone and across from them and the teacher, with one student somewhere a short distance behind me. A student was now telling the class about his astral story and how he beat his ‘dream enemy’ with a sword by going all commando style on the ‘enemy’ and he’d knifed and sliced the enemy up and to death. I was like, “good grief Charlie Brown! You have got to be kidding me.” (lol) The instructor, Alvin, began to look at me with a twinkle in his eye and semi-sideways to see if I actually knew a better way or if I was just a lot of talk and nothing but a wind-bag. The late-teenage boy continued to talk.

I was now raising my hand, like Hermione Granger from Harry Potter, eagerly indicating with my arms and body ‘oooh, oohh, me, me, me, I know the answer.’ I was barely able to contain myself and almost began talking over the boy and had to stop myself to be polite. The boy continued to talk and presented himself like he was Arthur with his slasher story. I again almost talked over him. I was not impressed by his story and the teacher was bemused by this. Finally the boy finished and now all eyes were on me.

I felt a little nervous, but not as self-conscious or as nervous as I thought I would be. I was extremely knowledgeable, very well versed with the materials, greatly enjoyed talking about them, and was excited to be teaching them now. My nerves did get the better of me for a little bit and I had a very hard time saying my words because I was so excited. I was trying to say everything in one breath and got out, “Love is the solution. No Fighting. No matter what it is that is seen in the ‘dream’ or astral realms; regardless to if it’s a 10 foot tall reptilian, dinosaur (T-Rex), or a small centipede; love is the answer and that seldom ever means ‘killing’.” I made myself slow down now and take some deep breaths between my sentences. I noted my breath glowed a soft blue color. It was very pretty but not visible to the naked eye. I continued, “No, it actually means ‘never’ killing anything.” I went on to explain that sometimes transmutation can appear as ‘killing’ but you never truly ‘kill’ anything. You simply transmute it into something different. Better. I was finally speaking more normal with my full bodied voice.

Another student in the class also had a hoodie sweatshirt. Only his was hanging on a door knob in the room. He was also in his late teens to early 20’s like the rest of the students in the classroom, which were mostly all male and he began to ask me a question about some hoodie legend. I knew exactly what he was going to ask me and the answer too, but had to stop myself again from speaking over the top of him. I knew he was in energetic spaces where his mind still needed to hear himself verbally ask the question, so I controlled my excitement. He continued to speak about the legend regarding wearing a hoodie over your head that was imbued with a magik protection spell in order to remain safe. I thought he was finished talking and almost spoke over the top of him again and apologized for my mistake. He finished by asking if he needed to wear a hoodie over his head with a protection spell on in order to protect his head from having a spell cast on it and to remain safe. I noted he seemed to believe he had to have this ‘magik artifact’ (a spell cast hoodie) to protect his head. I waited a few moments more to ensure he really was done speaking and he was.

I stood now at what became the ‘front’ of the classroom and as if I was speaking in front of hundreds of people, I was now more-so the teacher than Alvin. Alvin was looking at me too for answers while also being careful not to reveal his hand to the students that he didn’t know all the things I did. I began telling them again, “Love is the answer. Every choice and every decision that you make in dream realms . . . Love is the answer.” I proceeded to tell them, “. . .it is because of love I can manifest things with my hands. That energy is love and to manifest it you have to attract it and thereby ultimately “be” that. The more love you have, the more ‘energy you attract.”

I then directed their attention to the hoodie on the door and told them it’s not the hoodie that matters, it is the ‘belief about’ the hoodie that mattered and that the hoodie only ‘worked’ because he believed in it and believed that it did. It was not because the ‘hoodie’ was magik. It was the belief-thought-spell that had been put on it that was what mattered. If he believed he needed a hoodie from some dark controlling wizard to be safe, then that’s what he’d need to be protected. If he only believed the wizard could cast a spell of protection on it and that he couldn’t, then that would be true . . . for him . . . However, I said “If I used that hoodie, it wouldn’t work for me because I don’t believe in (or trust) the wizard who placed a spell on it. So to me, it’d be completely useless. I’d be more concerned it’d do more damage and harm than good because it’s also dependent on the wizard’s thoughts, feelings, and energies. He feels a little too dark and drama-controlling for my taste.” I then told the hoodie-boy that he had all of those magikal capabilities inside of himself. He didn’t need to go to some wizard or have some hoodie. He was the magik, all he had to do was believe. I thought of the Bible’s “faith of a mustard seed story” and how if you had faith like a grain of a mustard seed you could move mountains. This was like that. If he believed the hoodie was necessary, then it would be, if he believed he had it all inside of himself (like me) then he too could do as I do and manifest light and protection from within himself and into his hands.

To demonstrate, I then manifested a purple light sphere in my hand and told him I could place that around my head if needed for protection, or around his. If he wanted his whole body protected from attack we could simply expand the one sphere to include all of him or add a second sphere. I continued the demonstration and placed the purple sphere around my head and wondering if they could all actually see it.

I then stated again, “It doesn’t matter what ‘size’ or ‘scale’ the bad guy is. You can and will always have plenty of light because you are pulling from the energy stores of the universe. The bigger the ‘enemy’ appears might quite possibly be a visual expression of just how much more light they need, so give it to them! If you have the capabilities to connect to the energy stores of the Universe and they don’t, they are coming to you for help. Heal them by sharing and giving to them of the light so they too can heal and change, and grow, and move forward. If any being comes to you at any time, it is meant to be there and you have to ask yourself, why.? And HOW can you help them with the unique set of abilities and talents you possess?. Because I assure you, they came to you specifically because you have the special and select ability to help them. They may even turn into actually being your kindly sweet grandmother who’d been stuck or trapped in that lower density form, or rather, thought vibration pattern.” I concluded with, “This is why we never ‘kill’ and we always heal. You never know ‘who’ that really is (unless you are in tune with that) until you stop the panic response and send love and healing to the thought forms trapped and or stuck around that being. Once you do that, you can see who really is underneath it all and can then start to form, build, and grow a real relationship with them, if you both still want and choose to do so.” The students all seemed to be getting it and still had as of yet a long ways to go, but they were definitely on track to learning it.
Alvin was very pleased by all of this and had a twinkle glint of hope in his eyes and a smile on his lips. He was relieved and glad I was there to help the rest of these students. He’d come to the end of his knowledge stores and was now letting it look like I was a long term guest speaker. I didn’t mind, because that relieved me from the pressure of being ‘the’ teacher. This new arrangement would work out fine for both of us until it was time to shift into the next phase.


This is the key foundation for all the transmutation work I will be teaching each of you.
Sweet dreams and may you all manifest beautiful rainbow spheres of love and light for healing and transformation.