2017_06_16_JUN Handling Shadow People in Love – 2011_11_04_NOV Removal Dark Energies

Handling Shadow People in Love


In this dream, I wasn’t allowed to use my “ordinary” magik methods. This was done so I would find a method anybody could use to dispel black magik beings . . . And so I did.

June 16, 2017

“What does my Galactic Family of Love and Light want me to know most right now?”


In my dream . . .

I was in bed in a hotel room with Annie and her husband Ted also in bed next to me. Ted was sleeping on the far right. As I lay there, I felt etheric relations with my Twin Flame (TF) and he and I we were chatting about things. Annie next to me in bed under the covers said “You know you’re not supposed to be like that with a married man,” I said “yeah, I know” and reminded her I didn’t ask for this to be the situation once I found him in 3D and then reminded her she was married too and also interacting etherically with her TF in the same fashion, which was not Ted. Then Annie said to me, “What if he’s a demon you’re having relations with? I was like “WHAT!?” and quickly ‘checked myself’ and then said, “I am fine and I am NOT having intimate relations with a demon. Why would you even say that? That’s very mean. Just plain mean, mean, mean, mean. How would you feel if I said that about you and your TF connection?” Annie realizing I was right, sort of apologized to me, although I could tell she wasn’t fully convinced.

Restlessly I fell back asleep in to bed next to her and dreamed I had a dream.

I was looking for my Twin Flame down by the beach. Then, I found him and he transitioned into being two black shadow people “demon” person and his form disappeared. I looking at the ocean and the sun went all the way down. It was dark. I tried to use my magik to raise the sun back up, but it didn’t work.

Then, I was on a small row-boat dinghy, about a football-field-length from shore. Two black shadow demons were sitting across from me. I tried something at first as they tried to scare me, then I realized . . . just laugh. So I started to laugh and point at them saying, “OMG! Seriously! You have GOT to be kidding me.?” as I tried to get them to laugh with me and do something much more fun and exciting than try to ‘scare’ people like me. Then, “You guys are TOO funny!” I was trying to get them to have some fun with me instead and to do something different. I continued to laugh and laugh trying to get them to play with me. They were HORRIFIED with their utter failure of attempts to scare me and thoroughly disgusted! They completely left and dropped back into their lower vibration reality before I could do anything else to them! LOL. They couldn’t leave fast enough!

Then, I was back in bed with Annie and Ted. I was sweating and waking up within the dream from the dream. Annie awoke and rolled over to me and I said, “Yeah, see now, I just had a dream where I had to deal with ‘them’ because of what you said. I knew that was gonna happen! Please don’t ever say stuff like that again, ok?” and “It’s really insulting.” Annie realizing she was wrong then rolled back over to sleep.

Unable to sleep, I got out of bed and sat on the floor next to the bed and nightstand and began fishing around inside the drawer. I found what looked like green taffy candy about two inches in diameter. It had a whitish see-through wrapper sort of stuck melted onto it, as though already been chewed. I pulled the taffy out thinking I was going to throw it away when instead I put it in my mouth and chewed! It was a yummy green apple taffy flavor. Suddenly realizing, only God knows who chewed this thing before, I was like ‘what the heck am I doing! WTF, why did I put that back into my mouth!’ I was now trying to get the block out of my mouth and into a tissue. I got most of it out, just as Annie rolled over into my spot on the bed. I woke her up saying, “Hey that’s my spot and I’m still sleeping there.” Annie promptly rolled back over into her spot. I then got out my dream journal and back into bed.

Annie woke up and rolled back over to faced me. I opened up my dream journal diary and showed her a little picture drawing of another book with a tagline inside it that read “LAUGH SECTION.” I was showing her the book that belonged to the black demons and what they’d written about their experience with me. They’d made special note in this section of their diary so they would be reminded to NEVER go back there again and to avoid it entirely! To them, the “laugh section” was EXTREMELY SCARY! These demons felt to have a government-CIA-black-opps-type vibe. Annie told me again to be careful so as not to endanger my TF. I replied, “Of course, I already know that. I love him and we are protected.” I felt some fear-worry but I reminded myself it was my job to hold the spaces of pure love and light energies for him to walk into. Annie apologized again and then rolled back over to sleep. Ted was asleep the entire time.

I began feeling my TF energetically back on me in bed. Worried I checked to ensure it was really him and not an imposter trying to take his place. Satisfied it was still him, I empathed to him, I love him and we shared some more energy and then I woke up.



This next dream in linear time I had over 5 years “before” I had my Twin Flame shadow people dream. I feel this dream connects and is what I ultimately did with these shadow people. Both dreams had “two” shadow people and in both dreams I was also looking to find my twin flame.
Below is the raw typed dream

Friday Nov 4, 2011

5:30 a.m. DREAM

Removal of Dark Energies

2 human looking beings walked up to me. They were possessed of black energies. Both beings had solid black eyes (like the way my eyes looked with the wrong kind of “color” lenses in).

I waved raised my left hand in the air and said “stop”. Looking them both directly in the eyes, I had no fear. I then waved my hand across both about 2-3 ft. away and said “out” “now” very firmly. Then I quickly decided in my mind, ‘what do I do with them? Can’t just get them out without changing them into something better…they still need a purpose’. I may have repeated it again “Get out now” and immediately (really after only the 1st time they did it).

The black energy came out, the human forms seemed to dissipate or walked away.

I then said… “Get into this ball of light” and and they did “and be transformed into the light” and they were. I then converted the energies into a tent. The energies felt such strong love there was also sexual tension desires. I then said upon setting the tent down (as it was trying to have sex with me…lol) “If you behave and are good I may have sex with someone inside you.” Indicating I first needed to find my twin flame to do that. This calmed the “tent”, which now love and had a bond with me, and I walked off.