2014_02_04_FEB Receiving Back in Love my Dark Aspects

2014_02_04_FEB Receiving Back in Love my Dark Aspects

Ari Stone

December 25, 2017

Here is one of my Shadow People Dreams – in this one I received back in love my own shadow self. This is what will ultimately heal the timelines and bring true unity.

This is largely a raw verbatim typing of the original dream. So it may not be as “well written: as it could be, but it gets the experience across and I never worry about any technical writing as I document my dreams.

Feb 4, 2014 Dream Receiving back in love dark aspects to myself

I Dreamed I’d taken a poison white piece of paper of my own accord. I “died” I went into a place and found parts of myself that I needed to love and accept back into myself. I found my shadow self and I said “I love you and thank you for what you have done to protect me and I receive you back into myself as a whole and part of myself.” My shadow self said it had done things to protect me and other things. And I said I know. I love you and receive you back. There were other aspects of myself. One may have been the murderous aspect. I found it loved it and received it back in healed and whole part to myself, along with the 3rd failed aspect to myself.

I’d said before the white tablet square paper melted in my mouth, that if I was meant to stay alive ‘Ariel’ help me. I felt some regret, but I’d needed to as it seemed the only way to go to / find / and be able to accept those other aspects back into myself from with in the other realms. I was determined to face them and love them and receive them back into myself. No more running away in fear.

I’d done it / did it.



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